Photo of  Mette M. Hansen, EY
All companies have a part to play in the global transition towards a sustainable and just society. Working strategically with sustainability, especially human rights, across the entire value chain is a prerequisite for ensuring long term value creation and license to operate.

Mette Møller Hansen

Manager, Climate Change and Sustainability Services, EY Denmark

Sustainability professional working with human rights and due diligence across the value chain.

Mette works as a Manager in the Climate Change and Sustainability Services team in Copenhagen, Denmark.

She is an experienced sustainability professional working with companies in various sectors. Mette works with human rights and due diligence, in addition to supporting clients with sustainability strategy and transformation.

Mette studied Business and Development Studies at Copenhagen Business School and has a background in supply chain management.

How Mette is building a better working world

“To have a material impact, companies must look beyond compliance and their own operations. In my cooperation with companies, I am working to ensure insights and understanding of the impacts, risks, and opportunities across the value chain. Knowledge and transparency of ones’ supply chains is an important step to ensuring social sustainability. We must not forget human- and labour rights in the green transition. Only by considering social impact we can create a truly sustainable world.”

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