Picture of Rune Nedergaard
Achieving the best outcome, to me, hinges on upholding integrity, paying attention to detail to navigating risk thoughtfully, all contributing to foster trust and informed decisions

Rune Nedergaard

Executive Director, Forensic & Integrity Services, EY Denmark

Passionate about complex accounting matters and aim to simplify such to navigate risks and secure effective and innovative solutions that can be managed in a real-world approach.

With a dedication towards complex accounting matters, Rune’s natural role has become handling cases of disputes, including company acquisition/transaction related services.

Rune also thrives to support when fraudulent behavior is suspected/found, to help clients in fact findings, calculating losses and to regain compliance.

Furthermore, Rune supports financial accounting advisory services (FAAS), focusing mainly on local GAAP related topics and has become subject matter expert on the Danish Bookkeeping Act.

Before joining EY in 2021, Rune has more than 10 years of experience in audit. As an auditor on a wide range of clients (mainly middle-marked), which differs in size, markets, costumers and products this has given Rune a broad general of accounting, tax and other regulation related matters within a variety of branches and industries.

Rune is state-authorized public accountant, graduated his Master of Science (MSc) in Business Administration and Auditing from Copenhagen Business School in 2016.

How Rune is building a better working world

“I strive to simplify intricate accounting matters, providing practical solutions and managing risks effectively.

With a solid foundation of experience, this allows me to navigate the intricacies of accounting regulations with precision. Furthermore, as a state-authorized public accountant, I offer a trustworthy perspective that clients can rely on.

All of this - in combination with my integrity driven purpose - gives me the possibility to contribute to a world of accountable, transparent, and prosperous businesses.”

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