Picture of Reusable bag for shopping with focus on the eco-friendly behavior

How to make business out of circular fashion

In this webcast, we explore how new business models for sharing and caring of fashion can be made to work, and we take a look at the emerging business case.

Topics discussed include:

  • How can the advent of digital products and services usher in a more accessible, enjoyable and affordable era of sharing?
  • What can we learn from entrepreneurs regarding effective strategies and pitfalls to avoid? With several startups and scale-ups closing shops in the past two years, what insights can be drawn from their experiences?
  • What’s the "sweet spot” in the realm of sharing? Which garments hold the greatest potential?
  • As new business ecosystems and enablers emerge, what key success factors and enablers can be identified by keeping our ears to the ground?

Kristoffer Lundholm, Head of Sustainability at SALLY, EY Doberman’s future manifestation lab


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