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EY and Enablon help organizations manage environmental health, safety and sustainability performance and reduce operational risks.

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As environmental, health, safety and sustainability (EHS&S) issues become increasingly important to stakeholders, innovative data services will be critical to managing the vast amounts of EHS&S data necessary for business decisions.

EY and Enablon help organizations improve EHS&S operational effectiveness, reduce operational risks and drive compliance efficiencies through the integration of advanced technology and deep domain experience into organizational business processes.

Can your organization make critical environmental, health, safety and sustainability decisions with confidence?

Working as an integrated team, EY and Enablon combine business process transformation, advanced analytics, and system implementation and deployment capabilities for innovative EHS&S services. Our broad range of experience, pragmatic business approach to EHS&S and appropriate technology innovation can help clients achieve sustainable excellence across operations.

By combining our knowledge of clients’ businesses and deep understanding of environmental, health, safety and sustainability EHS&S issues with Enablon’s innovative EHS&S software, we will be able to help our clients develop robust EHS&S data functions that align with their business processes.

As the organization with the most certified Enablon professionals in the marketplace according to Enablon’s website, we can assist our clients with designing and implementing software that promotes leading EHS&S practices, reduces risk and operational downtime, and facilitates EHS&S compliance in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape. Our breadth of knowledge on client operations, including EHS&S, finance, IT and Risk, differentiates us from other implementation providers and allows us to consider the entire landscape of the business in our services.

  • Data Analytics

    A well-planned and executed environmental, health and safety (EHS) and sustainability data analytics program can help companies reduce incidents, identify areas of risk, improve operational processes and drive cost savings.

  • EHS&S software investments

    For EHS and sustainability, data analytics and solutions increasingly are being used to improve operational efficiency, manage risk, reduce costs and drive innovation.

  • Food Safety

    EY professionals experience with the Food Safety Modernization Act can help clients who use Enablon to implement software to facilitate compliance with modern food safety regulations and requirements.

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