Photographic portrait of Jim Little
With today’s technology, the possibilities are endless. What matters is how humans embrace them and make meaningful change for customers and employees, all at a speed that is faster than ever before.

Jim Little

EY Global Microsoft Alliance Lead and EY Americas Technology Strategy Lead

Technology enthusiast. Former CIO. Passionate about helping companies re-imagine their business, value propositions, customer and employee experiences using technology.

Jim leads the EY Global Microsoft Alliance and EY Americas Technology Strategy services. He helps clients solve their unique business challenges by leveraging the power of Microsoft solutions and other emerging technologies. Jim also helps EY teams build unique solutions by partnering with Microsoft to help our clients solve issues across their industry.

Jim has more than 25 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies advising them on technology-based strategies and road maps, large-scale IT-enabled transformations, business and IT architecture, cost reduction, IT innovation, technology choices, and corporate strategy.

He has worked across many industries, including High Tech, Retail, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Industrial Equipment, Electronics, Retail, Consumer Products, Health Care and Financial Services. Most recently, Jim has been the EY Global CIO and Client Technology Officer driving global technology transformation, by embedding technology into all of the EY services and improving employee experience through technology.

Jim holds a BS in Engineering from Virginia Tech.

How Jim is building a better working world

Jim focuses on clients' business issues and their customers’ challenges to help frame how digitalization and Microsoft technologies can help them transform their businesses.

“By helping our clients to realize the power of digital technologies combined with Microsoft solutions using Cloud, AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Blockchain and other emerging technologies through new operating models to move with speed, while also creating new experiences for their customers and employees. By creating real, meaningful change for our clients to demonstrate how digital solutions, supported by Microsoft, can reshape business models and increase shareholder value.”

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