Photographic Portrait of Cecilia Althin
There is an ongoing paradigm shift in the world of work. How we can work better and differently comes with great opportunities to reimagine work and HR as we know it.

Cecilia Althin

Partner, People Advisory Services, Consulting, EY Sweden

Passionate about people experiences. Enjoys spending time with my kids. True Christmas lover. Approaches work and life at large with an optimistic mindset.

Cecilia works within Workforce Advisory in Sweden. She leads the Swedish HR Transformation Community and is a part of EY’s core team focusing on “Work Reimagined”.

Cecilia has worked with people consulting for more than 10 years, focusing mainly on the strategic people agenda, larger HR transformations, HR operating models and the digital HR agenda.

Cecilia holds a master´s degree in business administration, focusing on organization and HR transformation. In addition, she also holds a bachelor’s degree in business law.

How Cecilia is building a better working world

Today and tomorrow we should be aiming for creating societal, economical and human value in harmony. There’s no question that in our rapidly changing world, it’s more critical than ever to have a guiding star to keep us on track. It helps us to focus on what is most important for us and in service of others.

I strive to support clients in reimagining work and people experiences to be able to make their working world better. I aim to accomplish the same for EY by advocating and championing our NextWave strategy and Transformative Leadership model.

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