Photographic portrait of Jan-Hendrik van Lengerich
Finance and accounting changes in the insurance industry create opportunities to reassess firms’ investor stories and redefine performance measurement. Good KPIs give valuable insights into value.

Jan-Hendrik van Lengerich

Senior Manager, Insurance, Ernst & Young AG

Advisor to project and client teams worldwide. Advocate of clear and insightful investor stories. Motivated to optimize performance measurement of insurers. Passionate triathlete and ironman.

Areas of focus Insurance Finance Consulting IFRS
Office Zurich, CH

Jan is an accounting and finance transformation advisor in the EY Insurance team, focusing on performance improvement of clients’ finance functions.

Having advised clients on IFRS projects, as well as M&A deals and IPO transactions, Jan combines technical knowhow with requirements from the business. He is particularly active on projects with a strong focus on external and internal financial as well as non-financial reporting (e.g. ESG).

He recently co-led on the EY Global Insurance IFRS KPIs survey and benchmarking research.

Jan is also a published author of various IFRS thought leadership pieces and holds a BA in International Management from the International University of Bad Honnef.

How Jan is building a better working world

“My work with clients centers around making sense of the numbers. My role is to simplify the complex messages of financial and non-financial data so that firms can effectively communicate to internal and external stakeholders, and finance functions can live up to their full potential. By providing peer analyses and benchmarks, I'm ensuring that clients don't lose sight of where the market is heading.”

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