A photographic portrait of Wayne J. Simper
The best organizations develop their capability to deliver change and couple it to robust investment and portfolio management practices. This is the ‘golden thread’ that runs through great companies.

Wayne J. Simper

EY Caribbean (SE Americas) Consulting Senior Manager, Ernst & Young – Jamaica

Management consultant with a passion for making organizations work better. Advocate of the private sector. Husband. Property investor. Runner. Technophile. Amateur chef.

Wayne manages transformation programs for EY Consulting Services in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors with budgets up to US $50m.

With the belief that there are multiple paths to victory, Wayne focuses on helping organizations improve their performance by implementing their existing strategies right. This means improving  delivery with robust project and program management principles.

His enthusiasm for learning and diverse experiences has led him to work in various fields and countries over the years, from technology in the UK to anti-corruption in Nigeria to public sector transformation in the Caribbean.

Wayne holds an engineering degree in Computing Science from Staffordshire University, UK.

How Wayne is building a better working world

“One of the most rewarding experiences of my career was spending four months studying the business models of some of the world’s leading entrepreneurial Safe Water Enterprises (SWEs).

I got to apply my strategy skillset to analyzing their business model dynamics, understanding how they might achieve greater scale and demonstrating their potential to accelerate progress toward the Sustainable Development Goal of equitable access to safe drinking water for all by 2030.

The SWEs I studied were already changing lives for more than 15 million low-income people across India, Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. By translating insights into a ground-breaking report with Unilever, we hope to catalyze greater investment in the sector and help  those SWEs – and others like them – to bring safe, affordable drinking water within reach of hundreds of millions more.”

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