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Building a stronger manufacturing future

Featured Building a stronger manufacturing future 22 Apr 2024
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    How artificial intelligence is reshaping the financial services industry

    AI is reshaping the financial services industry, making it more efficient, effective and innovative. Read more.

    26 Apr 2024 Kostis Chlouverakis

    Achieving long-term value through ongoing business transformations

    Transformation is a continuous journey for businesses, shaped both by the changing business needs and the dynamic business environment.

    11 Dec 2023 Achilleas Arvanitis

    How does effective corporate governance create long-term value?

    Effective corporate governance is essential for the promotion of sustainability by Greek companies

    20 Nov 2023 Georgios Papadimitriou

    Greece goes the distance, continuing to win investors’ trust

    The attractiveness of Greece as an investment destination continues to strengthen.

    3 Oct 2023 Georgios Papadimitriou

    How can slowing climate change accelerate your financial performance?

    The EY Sustainable Value Study finds that companies acting on climate change realize above-expected returns across five sources of value.

    18 Jul 2023 Steve Varley

    A comprehensive analysis of the legal and regulatory cybersecurity landscape in Greece

    Greek businesses face a fragmented cybersecurity regulatory compliance landscape

    28 Jun 2023 Panagiotis Papagiannakopoulos

    Energy and resources

    Will local ambition fast-track or frustrate the global energy transition?

    RECAI 61: The Inflation Reduction Act has sparked a renewables race, but may skew international capital allocation and shift net-zero goals.

    13 Jun 2023 Ben Warren

    In a volatile environment, which strategies best serve consumer needs? 

    Greek businesses are currently faced with a fragmented consumer base.

    28 Apr 2023 Thanos Mavros

    How Greek CEOs are positioning for strength post-downturn

    The latest Greek EY CEO Outlook Pulse finds that 97% of Greek executives anticipate some level of downturn in the global economy, while 93% expect the same in the markets in which they operate.

    11 Apr 2023 Tassos Iossiphides

    The contribution of European sources of direct funding to the economic development of Greece

    Greece ranks quite high in terms of leveraging resources from European direct funding programs, resulting in notable advantages for the country's broader economy.

    20 Mar 2023 Ernst & Young - Greece

    How can taxpayers step in a transfer pricing audit with confidence?

    Following the pandemic lockdowns and the re-opening of the economy, tax authorities (TAs) all over the world intensified their tax audits, performing them in a more rigorous way, in an attempt to collect additional tax revenues. There are certain recommended steps that businesses should proactively take, in order to manage more effectively a transfer pricing (TP) audit and defend their TP model in a more efficient manner

    23 Jan 2023 Christos Bourkoulas

    How should businesses approach new consumer habits in an environment of increasing uncertainty?

    Greek consumers are anxious and acquire new buying habits, in an increasingly uncertain environment

    27 Jul 2022 Thanos Mavros

    Resilience and stability: How can Greece become an even more attractive investment destination

    Greece's attractiveness as an investment destination remains resilient, despite the uncertainty of the international environment.

    14 Jul 2022 Panos Papazoglou

    Examining Greece’s potential as an international freight center – now, next and beyond

    The second edition of EY’s report, Greece: International Freight Center, examines the role of Greece as a competitive intermodal corridor for the European seaborne trade with Asia.

    19 Apr 2021 Thanos Mavros

    Our latest thinking


    Redefining the future of Greece

    To reframe its future and successfully capitalize on the opportunities arising, Greece must comprehend upcoming changes and lay the foundations for strong and sustainable growth, based on a new growth model.

    10 Feb 2021 Ernst & Young - Greece

    CEO agenda

    How can Greek CEOs create value and certainty for tomorrow, amid today’s uncertainty?

    EY’s CEO Imperative Study Greece 2021 , records and analyzes the views of CEOs of the largest Greek companies, highlighting their priorities and concerns for next and beyond, and how these compare with the views of CEOs in Europe and the rest of the world.

    4 Nov 2021 Ernst & Young - Greece


    Tomorrow is already here. Is the leadership of the future?

    In an uncertain and fluid environment, to inspire their human capital and safely guide their organizations in the next decade, Greek business leaders need to create a new leadership model, by developing a range of cognitive, behavioral and emotional characteristics and skills.

    15 Feb 2021 Eftichia Kasselaki

    Investment as a driver of sustainable development. How ready is Greece?

    As the coronavirus pandemic threatens to drag both the global and Greek economy to a new, deeper recession, the need for boosting Foreign Direct Investment is as imperative as ever.

    15 Jul 2020 Panos Papazoglou

    As Greek consumers keep adapting, how ready is your business to respond?

    EY’s Future Consumer Index Greece 2021, examines the views and perceptions of Greek consumers about the pandemic, its impact on daily life and consumer behaviors, as well as their views and expectations for the future and the return to a new normal.

    10 Jun 2021 Thanos Mavros


    What the COVID-19 crisis means for the geostrategic outlook

    While COVID-19 dominates the headlines, the framework for managing geopolitical risk effectively has not fundamentally changed.

    29 Apr 2020 Mary Cline


    The return of Greece as an investment destination. How can we capitalize on the opportunity?

    This survey confirms what we already know from our daily interaction with foreign investors: interest in Greece is, today, at an all-time high.

    3 Jul 2019 Ernst & Young - Greece


    "Made in Greece: The Greek exports challenge"

    Made in Greece: The Greek exports challenge, thoroughly examines both the internal and external obstacles that undermine Greek enterprises’ export activity.

    20 Jun 2018 Ernst & Young - Greece


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    Panos Papazoglou

    Georgios Papadimitriou

    Country Managing Partner of EY Greece. EY Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe & Central Asia (CESA) Markets and Accounts Leader

    Going the distance. How will Greece keep on winning the trust of international investors?


    Tassos Iossiphides

    EY Greece Partner, Head of Strategy and Transactions. EY Greece Energy & Utilities Sector Leader. EY Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe & Central Asia (CESA) SaT Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) sector Leader


    The CEO Imperative: Greek CEOs look to build versus buy

    Greek execs put innovation and customers at the center of strategy


    tassos iossiphides
    thanos mavros

    Thanos Mavros

    EY Greece Partner, Consulting Services - EY Greece and EY Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe & Central Asia (CESA) Head of Supply Chain & Operations


    As Greek consumers keep adapting, how ready is your business to respond?

    Examining Greece’s potential as an international freight center – now, next and beyond

    Eftichia Kasselaki

    EY Greece Partner, Consulting Services – People Advisory Services


    Tomorrow is already here. Is the leadership of the future?


    thanos mavros