Financial Budgeting & Cash Forecasting Analytics Solutions post COVID-19 | Offered by EY European Growth Platform (EGP) Consulting Finance Analytics Team

The global disruption effect by the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis continues.

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The global disruption effect by the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis continues. As such, now more than ever, RESTART is the key word troubling the minds of leaders of organizations all over the world. Financial Budgeting and Cash Forecasting are the main concerns that need to be urgently addressed to help restart the journey of recovery. Along this journey, CFOs may question the maturity of their Planning & Budgeting processes, the level of relevance and benefit of their Cash Forecasting Methods, as well as the level of finance integration with functions such as sales and operations. All these issues and more are under reassessment in view of mitigating the risk of financial impact, and adjusting the finance functions based on the current and future demands.

In this context, the EY EGP Consulting Finance Analytics Team will deliver an informative webcast, focusing on supporting you with financial budgeting & cash forecasting analytics solutions in a post COVID-19 confinement era and beyond.


1. Addressing the elephant in the room:

  • COVID-19 impact status
  • CXO challenges and concerns

2. Revisiting the function of Financial Budgeting & Forecasting:

  • Alternative methods 
  • Maturity level

3. EY approach:

  • Develop result-oriented connected planning and forecasting   
  • Predictive and standard planning enabled solutions 
  • Indicative Use Cases
  • Technology Support

4. Cash Forecasting Solution demo

  • Brief demo presentation of solution developed based on analytics

The webcast will conclude with a Q&A session.

Panel of EY experts

  • George Mitropoulos | Head of Business Development | Greece & Southeast Europe
  • Prashant Garg | Partner |EGP Consulting Finance Analytics Leader
  • Christos Varsos | Associate Partner | CFO Services | EY Greece
  • Konstantinos Moros, PhD | Director, Data & Analytics, EY Greece - EGP CESA Consulting Finance Analytics Leader
  • Sumit Goel | Director, Data & Analytics | Africa, India & Middle East (AIM), Consulting Services


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