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EY webcast on cloud adoption, sponsored by Microsoft | Financial Services and Insurance

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It’s a changing world we live in! Technological advances have been rated among the highest trends that will affect business transformation over the next five years. As businesses embrace their digital transformations, they realize that this change is not easy. It impacts people, business culture, and requires new, disruptive thinking and often a switch to a new set of technologies, such as cloud architecture and implementation.

Responding to these challenges, EY conducted a webcast to decode cloud adoption in the Financial Services and Insurance sectors, and the pathway organizations need to follow toward this direction. During this webcast, we had the chance to hear directly from experts from both EY and Microsoft on aligning business, people and technology strategy, in order to achieve business goals with actionable, efficient and comprehensive guidance to deliver results with control and stability. We also reviewed the tactical approach, from defining the Strategy and Planning, to assessing Readiness and leveraging Cloud Adoption, while setting up a Governance and Management model that fosters and builds trust.

More precisely, the discussion focused on the topics below:

  • Developments & needs in the Cloud Journey for Financial services and Insurance industries
  • The Cloud Operating Model and steps an organization should follow
  • The Cloud Adoption Framework Pathway for an organization, including Cost Management, Security, Resource Consistency, Governance & Management Model for a Development & Implementation project
  • Panel Discussions & Success Stories


  • Panagiotis Papagiannakopoulos, Partner, Consulting Services, EY Greece
  • George Kleanis, Senior Manager, Consulting Services, EY Greece
  • Fotis Sofronis, Senior Manager, Consulting Services, EY Greece
  • Efthymios Grapsas, Manager, Consulting Services, EY Greece
  • Vaggelis Kappas, Microsoft Azure Solution Specialist
  • Panos Pataridis, Microsoft Azure Solution Specialist



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