EY webcast: Digital Customer Experience - Is customer experience your selling point?


Despite the huge investments made in Customer Experience, customers view the majority of companies as experience laggards, exposing the empathy gap. Customers demand more from their relationships with companies. 

The EY Future Consumer Index shows measurable shifts in expectations: 

  • New digital trends are emerging and directly affecting customer experience. 
  • Every industry and every enterprise feels the need to escalate quickly, embracing digital and adopting new technologies to get closer to customers.
  • High customer turnover and low trust, signal serious relationship issues.
  • Businesses have so few interactions with their customers, that each one becomes a critical “moment of truth”.

On the other side, and according to Forbes, only 8% of customers receive the experience they would expect. 

Join us in revealing how to respond to digital change and leverage digital and emerging technologies and the Power Platform, through the EY Digital Customer Experience Solution. The EY Digital Customer Experience solution utilizes Microsoft Dynamics 365 with innovative tools and methods to improve organizational efficiency.

More precisely, the discussion will focus on the topics below: 

  • The Digital Customer Experience Solution
  • The Service Deliver Approach, Way of Working and Core Activities in CX
  • Microsoft Ecosystem Solutions and utilization
  • Panel discussion


George Apostolakis, Partner, Technology Consulting, EY in Greece 

Thomas Tsavalos, Senior Manager, Technology Consulting, EY in Greece 

Dimitrios Konstantakatos, Manager, Business Consulting, EY in Greece

Harry Kambanis, Head of Business Applications, Microsoft

The alliance between EY and Microsoft, combines the broad business and industry insights of EY in business process transformation, industry trends and new business models with the scalable enterprise cloud platform and digital technologies of Microsoft. 

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