EY ifb

Providing the finance and risk function of banks and insurance companies with customized, board solutions to help them transform.

To compete effectively and function seamlessly, banks’ and insurance companies’ finance and risk functions need to transform to meet the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. Their IT architectures need to combine the enhanced opportunities that digitization and artificial intelligence (AI) afford, to reshape and optimize their business models.

EY ifb offers an array of full-service solutions to help banks and insurance companies in their finance, risk and digital transformation. We map the multi-layered demands of supervision, management, accounting and risk and embed them in advanced IT architectures.

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  • End-to-end solutions

    EY ifb teams provide detailed management of programs and projects from beginning to end. In addition to individual solutions tailored precisely to the customer's needs, we offer highly standardized "packaged solutions" that can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. We use project procedure models that significantly reduce project run times and costs across the globe.

  • Professional consulting

    EY ifb teams help global financial organizations achieve their goals and provide mission-critical and strategic projects of all sizes. We are your experienced collaborator for the conceptual design, development and implementation of leading-edge finance and risk management systems, providing sustainable value. We support digital transformation by developing a comprehensive strategy, based on an in-depth understanding of your business, needs and goals. This strategy covers all the layers of your enterprise architecture and takes into account the complex interdependencies of accounting, controlling, financial and risk management, compliance, governance and reporting. EY teams work to identify and outline strategic opportunities, while the optional Managed Services offering helps enable you to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Digitalization and technology

    Leveraging advanced technologies can unlock digital transformation, which is essential for EY clients’ future success. The EY technical and business professionals stay ahead of trends by working with leading technology and standard software providers, facilitating EY ifb teams to implement leading-class architectures. This results in more efficient business processes and exceptional customer experiences.

  • Managed services and remote consulting

    Companies are investing an increasing proportion of their operating budgets in ensuring compliance. In a constantly shifting landscape, many businesses only have time to focus on defensive measures, which can increase the risk of sanctions. EY ifb offers flexible, individual support from the remote consultants and application management services (AMS) professionals. The Managed Services help you anticipate new obligations and take appropriate action, with a focus on streamlining and simplifying the IT environment and improving outdated data sources. This helps you to make an effortless transition from project to operation and back again by offering changes and ever-greening from a single source. Given the professional technology required and the competencies necessary to support an implementation, EY ifb team offer professional support that’s matched to your needs, through a single point of contact.

EY ifb packaged solutions for SAP

EY ifb packaged solution of sap diagram
  • Accessibility description

    The diagram above illustrates three circles, brought together within a triangle, representing three key features of EY ifb's services. The first circle describes EY ifb's robust history and experience in providing finance and risk transformation consulting services; the second circle demonstrates in-depth knowledge and skills of SAP financial services solutions; and the final circle conveys the experience of implementing many successful projects. An arrow indicates that all three features come together to form EY ifb's packaged solution for SAP standard software product.

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