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In Financial Services

EY Managed Services revolutionizes non-core but board-critical activities with easy-to-integrate solutions. With a combination of people- and asset-based outsourcing for tax, legal, risk and compliance, finance and beyond, we help financial services companies transform and build long-term value.

What EY can do for you

EY Managed Services teams combine deep experience, leading talent and unparalleled technology with a global delivery model that supports businesses wherever, whenever they are – giving financial services companies the confidence and freedom to drive their business forward. We help deliver your world, running on ours, better.

We are moving beyond outsourcing and cost saving into long-term value creation that helps companies maintain a competitive advantage and transform, by incorporating activities that are technology-driven, supported by right-shored teams, and can benefit from our EY Alliance relationships

The global EY network of purpose-built teams provide credible and cost-effective services tailored to your business needs.

Global scale and delivery

The EY Managed Services global delivery model meets the needs of the most geographically complex financial institutions in the world, with 120+ countries supported, 10 years of global operation experience and 100,000+ employees with 30+ language capabilities.

Our hub-and-spoke model encompasses a variety of onshore, nearshore and lower-cost locations that can meet the demands of companies operating anywhere in the world.

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