Workforce Advisory

In the face of the disruptive forces changing the working world, organizations need to become much more adaptable to rapid change — and they need their people to be flexible and agile to match, at a time when it’s getting harder to source, manage, motivate and retain talent while controlling costs. 

EY Hungary’s People Advisory professionals cover the entire employee life cycle with their one-stop-shop services: whether it is immigration, payroll, tax or HR consulting, from entry stage to exit. Since all information flows into one place, our people solution processes are much more efficient, faster and more thorough.

This integrated solution can translate into competitive advantage by helping you get the right people, with the right capabilities, in the right place, for the right cost, doing the right things.

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Organizational transformations

Workforce Advisory

Change Experience

The Organization and Workforce Transformation solution helps you design and implement new efficient models, e.g., customer-centric or agile, to deliver varios transformation initiatives, which can involve changes to the company's structure, processes, technology, culture, and people. Using our proprietary data and AI-driven analytics platforms, we can help you accelerate implementation and deliver value.  EY Change Experience is a more personalized and immersive approach to change management. It is informed by client experience and research with Harvard Business School.  The Change Experience approach addresses four common factors that have the greatest influence on successful outcomes to transform the way the workforce experiences change and to empower them to achieve the extraordinary.

A steady focus on the employee’s “experience” of change creates a powerful impact at every stage of the change journey, which drives better transformation outcomes.  We provide insights that can help organizations adapt to — and even benefit from — the constant challenges of continuous change.

Digital transformation

A digital transformation can bring significant changes to an organization's business processes, operations, and technology infrastructure, which can impact the way people work and interact with each other. EY People Advisory Services help to ensure that these changes are implemented smoothly and effectively, and that employees are prepared and equipped to adapt to the new system.

Culture integration

During any M&A initiatives there is a special need to focus on change management and communication to motivate the core integration team and to confirm that the broader organization is supportive and ready for the pace of change. A significant number of changes could occur throughout the integration that may affect people, processes or technology. EY’s M&A solutions help reduce uncertainty, provide clear leadership and effectively communicate the rationale for the decisions to all stakeholders, as applicable.

Advisory support spans the following areas: 

  • TR framework composition, 
  • holistic wellbeing, 
  • TR mix People Agenda, EVP, employer brand
  • remote/ hybrid/ agile structures 
  • Competitive market/ peer group definition, benchmarks, positioning 
  • Employee choice, employee personas/ segmentation 
  • Sustainability, D&I, HR ROI and dashboard monitoring and reporting 
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Organizational culture development

Workforce Advisory

As the working world becomes more dynamic and society demands greater responsibility and equity from organizations, it is more important than ever to focus on behavior change at scale with humans at the center. PAS helps align organizations around this focus through integrated solutions including Leadership and Teaming, Culture and, DE&I.


PAS DE&I services support diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the organization to make a long-term, sustainable and measurable impact. EY’s cultural development program aims to create the atmosphere and cooperation conditions for employees in which empathy and self-reflection are not mere catchphrases. The blended program offers knowledge sharing in a six-episode interactive series - instead of the easily becoming monotonous, hard-to-digest offline or online trainer presentations - connected to a multi-step development process.


Continuing globalization, huge demographic changes, advances in technology and new regulations are all shaping the future of work. To gain and maintain competitive advantage, organizations need to be agile and adaptable. They must proactively address disruption. And they need to consider their workforce as part of an integrated business strategy in order to keep it engaged and future-ready.

We have developed a tailored framework for evaluating, identifying and rectifying the root causes of inadequate learning. Combined with our mature understanding of existing L&D approaches and their shortcomings, we can use this to help your business develop a cohesive learning and development strategy that works for your workforce.

Retention program

To attract and retain the best talent, employee value proposition must be at the heart of organisational strategy. EY supports companies to articulate the value and importance organizations place on their employees, their EVPs, employer brands and company cultures.

People Advisory Services professionals help companies shape and implement strategic, financially optimized, sustainable, competitive retention programs that reflect each organization’s purpose, vision, culture and values. 

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Assessment, transformation and development of organizational structures

Workforce Advisory

Due diligence

Deep understanding of HR-related questions are a must for progressive organizations. It results purposeful Leadership decisions and rational strategy planning. Comprehensive analysis is the baseline for efficiency development. It can also find the right answer for performance and fluctuation challenges. HR Due Diligence supports the integration of new companies as it provides a clear picture about the new firm before the transaction. 

Org design

As organizations integrate or transform, it is imperative that they have the correct structure and governance to succeed and enable the achievement of competitive advantages and strategic goals.

Creating an effective organization to support the strategic, business or cultural goals can improve efficiencies, drive desired behavior, spark innovation and distribute responsibility. 

EY’s approach to organizational design focuses on capability, resources, roles and organizational architecture and a review of supporting mechanisms to maximize opportunities for improvement and ensure a holistic view on design.

Rewards Reimagined (TAX also includes, pick one)

As companies shape their Future of Work agendas to accommodate how, when and where employees are working, it will be imperative for legacy Total Reward structures to be contemporized to provide consumer grade reward experiences that support the often divergent needs of both companies and their employee populations.

Future Total Reward strategies will be challenged to harmonize the expectations of employers and employees into cohesive total reward (TR) frameworks that simultaneously support employee engagement and wellbeing, business results, and long-term value creation. 

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HR Strategy and HR Operation

Workforce Advisory

Digital HR

Establishing data-driven HR and predictive analytics. Digital transformation is high on the agenda of all organizations and functions due to the efficiency it can create and the insights it generates form reliable and easily available data. The HR function can maximize value creation by automation, chatbots and artificial intelligence (depending on maturity level). Digital HR supports multiple strategic areas: e.g. employee experience and thus employee value proposition, correlation and causality analytics to support engagement/reward/etc. decisions or predictive analytics to drive retention efforts. EY’s approach supports organizations to identify digital HR opportunities with quick wins and long-term, strategic priorities.

Future of Work

As a result of Covid-19, companies shall focus on ensuring a safe transition of people back to the physical workplace while simultaneously capitalizing on lessons learnt, reimagining the world of work. The workplace of the future should be much more digital, much more flexible and much less hierarchical. The EY framework supports organizations to zoom into how and for what purpose they will use offices, how will they make the work experiences digitally enabled and what behaviors need to be adopted in the newly formed environment. The ability to attract the best talent will depend significantly on the flexible experiences and purposeful culture organizations can offer for their people. The EY solution supports developing that holistic view to become employer of choice.

Ramp up

As organizations size-up or transform, it is crucial that they have the correct structure and governance to succeed and enable the achievement of competitive advantages and strategic goals. Creating an effective process to support talent management can distribute responsibility while improving productivity, engagement and retention. EY’s approach to ramp-up focuses on the development of the right concepts and methods that last beyond the ramp-up phase and could be scaled to other parts of the organization. 

HR Managed services

EY Managed Services provides what every business needs to perform, grow and flourish. EY Managed Services revolutionizes your noncore, but board critical activities with easy-to-integrate solutions that lift the burden where it’s heaviest — in HR, tax, risk, compliance, finance and beyond. Only the EY organization combines deep experience, leading talent and unparalleled technology with a global delivery model that supports your business wherever, whenever you are, so you can be confident and free to drive your business forward. A proper employee management is essential in the corporate environment, however not every company has the appropriate capacity or not prefer to keep it all in-house.  With EY Managed Services companies can outsource the responsibility for maintaining a range of HR related processes and functions such as  onboarding, offboarding, payroll, reward and employee benefits.

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