Our experts help you streamline local, regional and global payroll operations and mitigate compliance risk. We support our clients in fulfilling corporate needs today and tomorrow, providing full-scale outsourced payroll services to companies from small start-ups to large multinationals, regardless of industry or location.

With an advisory mindset, ’there is no payroll challenge that we cannot solve’, we reduce complexity and extend our support to various areas including audits (beyond tax and payroll), compliance, transparent controlling and meeting reporting requirements.

We work with our clients cost-effectively and find solutions to simplify processes.

The highly automated data processing and detailed data analysis we perform facilitates accurate decision-making from the approval of payroll data to its application by partner departments.

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Payroll Services - Comprehensive Outsourcing

At EY, our clients' needs are met by our payroll team's experts, who have decades of experience in serving and delivering value to our partners at the highest level. With client focus at the forefront of our approach, we tailor the services we offer to our clients' individual needs, whether they are a startup company or a multinational corporation. We also understand the importance of employee satisfaction to our clients, so we don't settle for anything less than industry-best service quality. Adhering to regulations and client policies is of utmost importance to us, as we aim to eliminate any compliance risks associated with our clients' operations. This,  with the help of EY's tax experts and consultants always at our reach. Speaking of whom, there lies another strength of ours: our team collaborates closely with other branches of EY, drawing from a huge pool of experience, knowledge, and talent, in order to provide our clients the best services possible. We take a holistic approach to client work, as we aim to:

  • Reduce unnecessary complexity, expand support over multiple facets of our clients' operations, including process auditing (even beyond tax and payroll matters), the development of compliance and transparency-assuring control processes, and meeting the reporting needs of corporate centers.
  • Ensure cost-effectiveness - When working with us, our clients need fewer manual processes, fewer resources, and fewer interventions.
  • Automate data processing to a great extent – We conduct detailed data analysis, aiding our clients with the important data and information required for precise decision-making.


Payroll Advisory - Comprehensive Project Work

The consulting mindset that characterizes EY is reflected in our payroll services as well. Our solutions are tailored around our clients' unique needs while ensuring they fit into existing structures, thus reducing complexity. The processes we create are optimized to address today's challenges, offering both cost-effectiveness and flexibility to our partners. One of our greatest advantages is that we offer a wide range of payroll-related services within EY, such as tax, benefits and social security consulting, accounting, legal counseling, as well as immigration and HR services, all of which combine into integrated solutions well-equipped to handle all workforce and human resource challenges. Finally, we provide our clients extended support during internal and external audits and fulfill transparent reporting and controlling requirements as needed.


Payroll Technology Services - Data Migration, SAP, Workday, Nexon, and Other Integrations

Cutting-edge technology is a cornerstone of modern payroll services that we offer our clients. Automation and integration play a key role in minimizing manual processes and data entry while also improving data and information accuracy. Our data processing and analytical solutions help us optimize our partners' human-related investments and expenditures while also making them clear and transparent.  Aiding executive decision-making processes and revealing numerous business correlations are amongst the first reasons our clients chose our integrated payroll technologies support.

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