Photographic portrait of Dong Hyun Lee
Businesses are continuing the major transformations triggered by smartphones and the 4th Industrial Revolution, but this is only a prelude to the changes that will happen in the future.

Dong-Hyun (Alex) Lee

EY Asia-Pacific Customer & Growth Leader; EY Korea Digital & Emerging Technologies Consulting Leader

Digital evangelist. Pursues humanity and retro vibes.

Dong-Hyun is the EY Asia-Pacific Customer & Growth Leader and the EY Korea Digital & Emerging Technologies Consulting Leader.

He started and has sustained his career in the consulting industry all along. His experience spans various areas, especially focusing on enterprise business innovation in various digital fields, such as digital transformation, customer experience, digital marketing, e-commerce, and data-to-insights.

Dong-Hyun graduated with a degree in Business from the Binghamton University.

How Dong-Hyun is building a better working world

“In the era of cold competition, I pursue collective growth based on humanity and healthy competition. In addition, I think and act to create an environment where the organization and its members are organically connected and help each other.”

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