Nánási Nikolett profile

Nikolett Nánási

EY Hungary, Tax Advisory Services, Manager

International development policy expert and certified international relations analyst. Customs, excise and green tax administrator.

Areas of focus Tax Customs Solutions
Office Budapest, HU

Nikolett is Customs Manager of EY’s Indirect Taxes Subservice line. She specializes in customs and  excise duty consulting, tariff classification and green tax advisory.

She has pursued her career as a tax advisor from the beginning and also spent her internship in this field. Nikolett has been engaged in customs and excise duty consulting for six years, and her work also includes green tax advisory, with significant experience in related compliance services as well. She used her tariff classification expertise in projects of domestic and international food, automotive and chemical companies, thereby helping the businesses concerned to take advantage of their saving opportunities provided by the regulatory environment.

How is Nikolett building a better working world?

„Helping others is important for me in all areas of life, whether it is a client, colleague, friend or family member. And you can only help by getting to know one another. That is why I believe that collaborative professional work must be embedded in human relations. Truly understand what our partner needs and be of real help is only possible if we speak the same language.”

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