Digital M&A framework

From portfolio transformation, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), JVs and alliances to divestments, we help you determine the right strategic course to a digital future and create better value for your businesses. This can be done by implementing our M&A framework.

What the EY M&A strategy framework team can do for you

The evolution of digital technologies and other recent trends has fundamentally changed customers’ behavior and disrupted the way companies operate their businesses. It has broken down traditional barriers, creating new customer value chains and new business opportunities. Having the opportunity to be involved in some of the biggest deals in the world, we help corporates and private equity houses future-proof their business by building their digital capabilities and driving their inorganic growth.

Using our sector knowledge and transaction experience, we look across different deal spectrums, whether they involve emerging technologies, products or services. We help companies to innovate and execute their inorganic growth strategies through their capital agenda and by improving their M&A strategy. We help companies build their digital ecosystem and find the right target assets for them to partner with or to acquire. We advise and support them throughout the deal lifecycle to realize its full potential.

These are the key strategic questions that our clients frequently ask: 
  • How do I future-proof my business from digital disruption?
  • What is my capital strategy to invest in digital?
  • Should I divest to invest in digital?
  • How do I build a digital ecosystem?
  • How do I best value a digital business?
  • How do I protect acquisitions from digital disruption?
  • How do I maximize return on my digital investment?
  •  How do I protect my portfolio from digital disruption?

And we can help to answer them through: 

Graphic: Dealing in digital world
  • Buy vs. build: we help firms evaluate the competitive landscape, internal technology and skill gaps as well as identify opportunities and potential M&A targets or partners
  • Digital capital strategy: we help determine the most efficient path forward for a deal through digital scenario planning, financial modelling, tax efficient structuring and optimal partnership modelling
  • Strategic portfolio review: we help clients generate capital to reinvest in their digital strategy through portfolio analysis, market scenario forecasting and tax-efficient structuring
  • Origination: we help clients analyze threats and opportunities and identify a number of best-fit acquisitions and partnership options across the value chain and digital ecosystem
  • Digital valuation: we help clients evaluate digital deals through our capabilities to weigh various metrics to help determine the right value
  • Digital diligence: using new innovative processes, we help clients demystify key trends, potential risks and the valuation uncertainty of their target in digital M&A
  • Strategic operating model: we help clients identify risks and realize synergies for successful integration with digital target or partner
  • Private equity digital portfolio scan: we help private equity clients protect their portfolio businesses from digital disruption

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