Supply Chain and Operations

EY Supply Chain and Operations consulting services addresses the complex issues and opportunities to grow and protect your operations. With an understanding of your overarching strategy, we‘ll help redefine your end-to-end sourcing and P2P operations to support your enterprise objectives.

Leading procurement organizations have a strong focus to establish an all-encompassing procurement strategy & operating model, efficient category management & sourcing services, standardized contract & supplier management services, state of the art sourcing & payment services, integrated IT landscape and increased awareness on sustainability.

We assist our clients to enable a well functioning world class sourcing organization and help them to lay the ground rules of their proactive and transparent spend management framework, automated source-to-pay processes design using innovative technologies, optimizing supplier base through category initiatives, minimizing third party risk management, inventing enhanced analytics to improve overall KPI control and leadership experience to highest satisfaction.

Are you ready to create value and to bring your Procurement organization to a different level? We are happy to support you with all the tools and expertise towards a successful transformation journey.

Why do you need us?

An increasing number of unexpected disruptions are hitting supply chains and impacting overall business performance. In order to reach or maintain leading market/sector position in an everchanging business environment EY can help you answering these questions and more: 

  • Do you need support with your end-to-end procurement activities?​
  • Are you looking for an improved spend transparency?​
  • Do you have standardized and compliant contractual templates ready to use? ​
  • Are you envisioning a touchless S2P process framework? ​
  • Are you facing workload challenges and see the solution in an optimized daily operation?​
  • Are you familiar with the latest world-class digital sourcing solutions available?​ 
  • Do you have the right digital solutions in place to support your S2P practice?​ 
  • Are you seeking automation for your end-to-end S2P framework?​
  • Are you struggling with inaccurate ERP data ?​
  • Is SAP Ariba implementation your next big milestone?​
  • Are you focusing on supplier diversity?
  • Are you ready to kick off your procurement sustainability transformation journey?​

Supply Chain & Procurement Operations Intro

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Service Offerings

Our services are desinged to enable clients solve complex issues and capitalize on opportunities to grow, optimize and protect their business.

  • Procurement Strategy & Operating Model

    A well-designed procurement operating model brings value to the business and is acting as an engine of controlled, transparent and seemless operation.

    There is no one size fits all – a worldclass operating model leverages the rules of the gold standard S2P framework combined with the unique business drivers resulting in a tailored solution.

    Our capabilities in procurement strategy and operating model include:

    o    Optimized Strategy & Organization Design

    o    Agile Outsourcing Advisory (S2P BPO Transformation/Centralization)

    o    Compliant S2P Policy & Controls (Expense Management Governance)

    o    Comprehensive Managed Services (Procurement as a service)


  • Category Management & Sourcing Services

    We assist our clients to enable a well functioning sourcing organization and help them to establish the foundation of their category strategies. Category Management encourages clear rules and boundaries for standardized product categories and contract T&Cs that result in a better spend transparency, controlled supplier performance, minimized third party risk and LEAN vendor base.

    Our capabilities in category management and sourcing services include:

    o    Category Strategy & Execution

    o    Sourcing Optimization & Support

    o    E2E Tendering Support (Scoping, RFP event setup, TP communications, Proposal collection & Evaluation)

    o    Saving Opportunities

  • Contract & Supplier Management Services

    Third-party risk management (TPRM) provides a function to identify, evaluate, monitor and mitigate the risks associated with third parties and contracts.

    We have deep experience in Third Party Risk and Lifecycle Management combined with compliant contract terms and conditions.

    Our capabilities in contract and supplier management services include the design of:

    o    End-to-end Third-Party Lifecycle and Performance Management

    o    Stabilized Third-Party Risk Management

    o    Standardized Contract Lifecycle Management (contract templates content design, digital tools, processes, records retention)

    o    Effective Divestiture/M&A Support

    o    Comprehensive Spend and Supplier Review

  • Sourcing & Payment Services

    Our Procurement Transformation methodology provides an integrated approach to significantly elevate procurement capabilities and skill sets, automate source-to-pay processes using innovative technology.

    We enable you to optimize supplier portfolios through category initiatives and enhanced analytics to improve overall value creation, risk management and user experience.

    Our capabilities in purchasing and payment services include:

    o    Source-to-Pay Transformation Design

    o    Effective Knowledge Transfer

    o    People Focused Change Management

    o    Resource Augmentation to Support Daily Operations

  • Procurement IT, Automation & Analytics

    EY leverages a mix of technology solutions ensuring controlled and clean master data, touchless S2P resulting in an automated end-to-end framework, accurate accounting data and LEAN operations.

    A combination of best-of-breed tools guarantees better user experience,  improved cycle time, transparent and reliable data analytics, which encourages improved data driven decision making and additional capacity for strategic sourcing.

    Our capabilities in procurement IT, automation and analytics include:

    o    S2P Technology Implementation: Digital Transformation Design and Implementation Roadmap (SAP –Ariba)

    o    Effective S2P Automated Process Design, Workflow Mapping and Optimization

    o    Comprehensive Procurement & Spend Analytics (Tableau, Qlik)

    o    Thorough S2P Catalogue Strategy Design and Setup

  • Sustainability in Procurement

    Value-led sustainability means creating long-term value for all stakeholders; protecting and creating value for business, people, society and the world as a whole.

    A well-designed procurement organization is appreciating ESG factors in their process framework, infusing the ESG mindset into the company’s DNA. 

    EY can guide you on your green journey to incorporate sustainability initiatives and to achieve your sustainable development goals, therefore becoming attractive as an investment decision and a renowned organization.

    Our capabilities in sustainable procurement include:

    o    Detailed ESG Compliance Fit/Gap Analysis

    o    ESG Strategy Development, Design & Implementation

    o    Sustainability & Supplier Diversity Program Implementation

    o    ESG Compliant Third-Party Contractual T&Cs Drafting