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If more evidence were needed of the pressures on network stability and resilience, the COVID-19 pandemic provided it, as millions of workers and students switched almost overnight to working from home. But the pandemic is just one driver of networks’ rising importance, as 5G roll-out and rising take-up of internet of things (IoT) services make network reliability and availability mission-critical for organizations and individuals alike.

As a senior decision-maker in telecoms, you know all of this from first-hand experience. You also know that on top of soaring demand for high-speed, reliable, secure connectivity and cloud solutions, you’re also being asked to go further – by providing security and acting as the systems integrator working with partners to deliver end-to-end solutions. All of this while dedicating rising investment to 5G rollouts.

Against this fast-moving background, how can you ensure your network investments are made precisely and lead to the strongest returns? To help you do this, we’ve brought together our extensive global experience, tools, alliances, knowledge and skills to create Future Network Now (FNN) – a solution suite that includes six seamlessly-integrated capabilities:

Informed business decisions

The amount of input needed these days for smart and educated decision-making has grown exponentially and so have the risks associated with your business transformation. The informed business decisions module can help you to navigate the complexities of analyzing various business scenarios, the impact on your operations, how your capital is spent and investments optimized, and also to help you define the technology choices for your business. All of this will help support your business decision-making process and mitigate the risks of your strategic decisions. By leveraging flexible artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities with multisourced data on market trends, technology assessments, operations and operating model best practices, we can help you make informed business decisions that improve return on investment and long-term shareholder value.

Network deployment

This capability covers the entire life cycle from spectrum planning to final acceptance and related payment release. EY teams help you assess the maturity of your network deployment and support the implementation of best practices across every activity, while also evaluating the readiness of the 14 capabilities required for planning, designing and delivering networks – including support functions such as supply chain, finance and procurement.

Network operations and sustainability

The network operations and sustainability module enables you to keep the network efficient, resilient, and sustainable. Network expenditures — including both capex and opex — constitute the highest spend of any telco. This module aims to protect and increase the benefits of these investments. Network operations enable assessments and hyper-targeting of individual points of improvement across network quality, operations and maintenance costs, asset lifecycles, transportation and logistics expenditures, and resilience. Furthermore, when improvement opportunities arise, our solution defines, plans, implements and ultimately, operates the necessary changes required under a managed services framework.

Network sustainability examines the energy consumption and carbon emissions for your network. Consequently, it provides practical recommendations to reduce costs, and define and implement clear roadmaps to achieve sustainability targets.

5G cybersecurity

With vast amounts of critical data being processed and transferred every second and with enterprise and telecommunications organizations collaborating in new ways, security is paramount. We wrap security around your entire transformation roadmap, enabling you to transform and mitigate your network and IT risks across cybersecurity, data privacy, compliance and resilience, and identity and access management.

Next generation operations support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS)

The advent of 5G coupled with edge computing, IoT, artificial intelligence and machine learning provides massive opportunity to explore new business models and revenue streams. This demands an upgrade, or replacement, of legacy OSS and BSS, and a transition to platforms that are agile, flexible, scalable, intelligent and low touch, providing easy onboarding of partners and supporting industry 4.0 use cases. Our solutions cover the entire spectrum of offerings, including frameworks for new-age product selection, building the modernization road map, integration support, setting up agile innovation labs or centers of excellence for industry collaboration, creating new operating models, product packaging and strategy, migration (including assurance) and overall delivery governance.

5G and IoT

The volume of data generated today is increasing exponentially. This is particularly visible in environments where a growing number of IoT sensors measure more and more process parameters. To enable the best use of this data, we provide tailored connectivity solutions and IoT platforms, which collect all types of data from the customer’s assets. To tailor these connectivity and IoT platform solutions, EY teams analyze customers’ business and technical capabilities, requirements and expectations related to connectivity and data processing in order to select those that best match the customer’s needs.

​As part of the solution delivery model we analyze customer’s business and technical capabilities, requirements and expectations related to connectivity and data processing, in order to select, from the FNN connectivity and IoT platforms portfolio, options that best match customer needs.​

Future Network Now offers complete flexibility around the capabilities you need or want to concentrate on. You can choose to implement our full end-to-end offering, or you can select each module as a standalone solution. Within each module, you can choose one – or all – of the “assess,” “implement” or “operate” services we provide. Ultimately, it’s all about meeting your unique needs in a way that works for you.

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