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Seize the opportunity to transform how businesses work, and harness the latest technologies to power human enterprise. A career in technology that will change the world. At EY, it’s yours to build.

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    Discover a career in technology that will shape the world.

    Could you help solve the world’s toughest challenges? You’ll have the scale and the tech, and will be immersed in a culture to take them on. Imagine working alongside businesses who are using artificial intelligence (AI) to detect cancer earlier in patients. Imagine helping clients to prevent cyber hacks by implementing blockchain technology. Imagine working with advanced analytics to help farmers increase food production.

    It’s meaningful work, every single day. You’ll make complex technologies accessible to clients across every industry, helping them to find inventive solutions to their business problems. You’ll help them grow, while discovering limitless opportunities to develop yourself.

    As well as developing your technical skills, you’ll learn about business strategy and business issues. You’ll collaborate with different departments and functions, with the freedom and ability to explore new prototypes and devise your own solutions. You won’t just be implementing new technologies, you’ll be designing the way they’re used. You’ll be transforming businesses, one idea at a time.

    You'll find tech-related roles across our business, in all service lines and teams. So whether you're a data specialist, a tax technologist, a tech consultant or a solution architect, find your next great role here.

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    Technology may power disruption, but it’s people who harness the technology.

    A technology career is about far more than leading-edge innovations. It’s about the application of these technologies in the real world to make a real, meaningful impact. It’s about your opinions and diversity of perspective. It’s about social responsibility and empathy. You’ll be excited by the challenge of embracing new technology, while also appreciating its impact on the wider world.

    See how we’re using technology to transform businesses.

    There is a unique opportunity to challenge the status quo by harvesting analytics and artificial intelligence to reinvent the traditional approach to problem solving.

    Beatriz San Saiz

    EY Global Consulting Data and Analytics Leader

    Work with global organizations, advanced technologies and brilliant leaders

    In a technology career at EY, you could be collaborating with global organizations like GE Digital, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, LinkedIn and SAP. You’ll help to set a new standard for the way we can use emerging technologies, such as AI, blockchain, Internet of Things, and data analytics.

    As well as giving you access to some of the world’s most forward-thinking technologies, EY global alliances help you to work with some of the brightest minds across each industry to explore powerful new ideas. You’ll have access to professionals in different disciplines, all working together to make a real impact on the way the world works today.

    In Client Technology, we help clients harness emerging technology to power business transformation, drive growth and solve their most pressing issues. This same mission creates exciting opportunities for EY people to grow their careers and skills as technologists while advancing human enterprise to build a better working world.

    Nicola Morini Bianzino

    EY Chief Client Technology Officer

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    How could you drive innovation at EY?

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    Today’s technologies, tomorrow’s solutions

    Forget everything you think you know about the work we do, and the systems and tools we create to do it. Today, careers at EY are about so much more than spreadsheets, number-crunching and accounting applications. We put bots, algorithms and machines to work so that you can do more interesting—and impactful—work.

    Technology in numbers

    • This year we’ve built 1,300 bots for clients, and 700 for use within EY. 
    • Those 700 have saved us 2.1 million hours of repetitive tasks, freeing up our people to make a bigger impact. 
    • We’ve entered into 27 strategic alliances with technology and industry leaders.

    We plan to invest

    US$1 billion

    in new technology solutions, client services and innovation over the next two years.

    Case Study
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    Case Study

    How blockchain is reducing the fluidity of risk in marine insurance

    EY and Guardtime are providing greater transparency and efficiency through blockchain technology in marine insurance.

    Case Study
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    Case Study

    When risks ebb and flow, how can insurance premiums adjust?

    Marine insurance has not kept up with the digital era. Now’s the time for blockchain innovation to manage dynamic risk and boost global trade.

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    Beached container ship
    Case Study
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    Case Study

    Implementing blockchain on the high seas

    A new blockchain-enabled platform is automating the insurance process to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

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    Container ship on the high seas
    Case Study
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    Case Study

    Taking blockchain beyond marine insurance

    This new platform will transform marine insurance by generating trust between all players in the value chain of global trade. And it has the potential to fuel innovation across every industry where trust and transparency are critical.

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    Faster transactions with blockchain

    The potential of blockchain is immense: it can streamline EY clients’ business processes and help to reimagine what a secure network is. Working with blockchain we help businesses to mitigate their risk of cybersecurity issues, helping bring more confidence to markets.

    Seizing the upside of analytics

    Even digital “non-natives” are benefitting from analytics embedded into the heart of today’s businesses. You’ll help clients to use analytics in many innovative ways: to help drive investment decisions; to mitigate risk; to improve customer satisfaction; and to increase the value of interactions. With the value of data ever increasing, it’s little wonder it’s at the heart of what we do.

    Embracing intelligent automation

    Robotic process automation is having a transformative impact on the world we live in. There are upsides, such as increased efficiencies, increased output and cost reduction, but there are also human implications. In an EY career, you’ll work with clients to make positive change by helping to automate mundane, time-sapping work in every industry — from tax to HR, and supply chain to regulatory compliance. Thanks to robotic, autonomous systems replacing human tasks, you’ll help to unlock deeper insights and solutions to problems.

    We need to stop thinking about intelligent automation as a “technology solution” and start thinking about it as a “business solution.”

    Weston Jones

    EY Global Intelligent Automation Sectors and Solutions Leader

    Artificial Intelligence, human impact

    At some point in the future, humans will have more daily interactions with bots than they do with each other. When we talk about a career at EY in AI, we believe it’s less about the technology itself, and more about its application. We really are at the tip of the iceberg in understanding the impact it can have across sectors such as healthcare, clean energy and even food production. Here at EY, we say that bots are built, but AI is applied. Your career in AI will give you a global platform to work with a technology that could eventually change not just the world — but the health of our planet.

    AI will change society – but we must also ask what is changing in society that makes AI necessary?

    Nigel Duffy

    EY Global Artificial Intelligence Leader

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