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    Our purpose

    At EY, our purpose is Building a better working world. The insights and quality services we provide help build trust and confidence in the capital markets and in economies the world over. We develop outstanding leaders who team to deliver on our promises to all our stakeholders. In so doing, we play a critical role in building a better working world for our people, for our clients and for our communities.

    In a world that’s changing faster than ever, our purpose acts as our ‘North Star’ guiding our more than 300,000 people — providing the context and meaning for the work we do every day. We help digital pioneers fight data piracy; guide governments through cash-flow crises; unlock new medical treatments with data analytics; and pursue high quality audits to build trust in financial markets and business. In other words, working with entrepreneurs, companies, and entire countries to solve their most pressing challenges.

    Through our four integrated service lines — Assurance, Consulting, Strategy and Transactions, and Tax — and our deep sector knowledge, we help our clients to capitalize on new opportunities and assess and manage risk to deliver responsible growth. Our high-performing, multidisciplinary teams help them fulfill regulatory requirements, keep investors informed and meet stakeholder needs.

    We believe a better working world is one where economic growth is sustainable and inclusive. We work continuously to improve the quality of all our services, investing in our people and innovation. And we’re proud to work with others – from our clients to wider stakeholders – to use our knowledge, skills and experience to help fulfill our purpose and create positive change.

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    Our people

    Our purpose — Building a better working world — is the foundation of our culture.

    At EY, we empower our people with the right mindsets and skills to navigate what’s next, become the transformative leaders the world needs, pursue careers as unique as they are, and build their own exceptional EY experiences.

    Our more than 300,000 people and one million alumni form a powerful network. Each of those people leads and inspires others during their time at EY and beyond and brings our purpose to life in the work they do every day. The ability to invite, leverage and learn from different perspectives is key to delivering for our clients. We believe diversity and inclusiveness means growth.

    We are investing more time and money than ever before in skills and learning for our people. This includes the first of its kind EY Tech MBA, in collaboration with Hult International Business School. It builds on the success of our EY Badges program, which helps our people develop future-focused skills in areas such as technology, sustainability and leadership.

    Message from CEO

    As the sustainability movement gains global momentum, Japanese companies are starting to implement full-fledged initiatives for the fulfillment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and communities are now valuing social benefits in a wide range of areas. In this context, businesses are expected to promote diversity and inclusion as part of attaining social equity. We believe that EYs’ purpose of Building a better working world will help advance and define the true value of corporate activity.
    Even as the world undergoes exponential change, Japan is sometimes perceived to be trailing other leading economies. As an example, Japanese companies are more likely to focus on designing goods and services for the domestic market, showing a strong bias for supply side solutions. However, looking to the future, we will need to engage with more diverse perspectives and tailor our business model to the needs and issues of global society.
    In contrast, Japan is one step ahead of other countries in addressing issues such as an aging population and a demographic shift. This provides an opportunity for Japanese companies to embrace a global perspective and improve upon the existing solutions which were created to resolve domestic issues. This will enable us to take the lead in global society, as well as in each individual market. We have far more experience in helping the society globally than we realize.
    We hope to build and experience a Japanese society that can contribute globally, which is also a source of pride for our future generations. As a professional services firm, EY is committed to embracing its purpose of Building a better working world. We will work with our clients to think about which long-term values they should provide to society and how to help them to achieve this. We can do this by leveraging the diverse viewpoints within EY's extensive global network alongside cutting-edge technology. This is how we can support our clients in answering the questions and solving the issues faced today and in the future. 

    Moriaki Kida

    EY Japan Chairperson & CEO
    Japan Regional Managing Partner (RMP)


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    Committed to diversity and inclusiveness

    To demonstrate our commitment on diversity and inclusiveness, the Global Executive (GE) has signed the EY GE D&I statement, which underscores our increased focus.

    Read the GE D&I statement

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    Our human rights commitment

    To demonstrate our commitment to uphold human rights, Global Executive (GE) has signed the EY GE Human rights statement, which underscores our belief in building a better working world.

    Read the GE Human rights statement

    Our leadership

    When will we stop seeing gender equality as the issue and make it the answer?

    Leading organizations know that gender equality leads to better performance – better return on equity, profitability and better risk management.

    5 Mar 2020 Julie Linn Teigland

    LGBT+ inclusion: Can you apply a globally consistent policy across an inconsistent world?

    Our new research in collaboration with the New York University School of Law’s Center for Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging explores three models for multinational companies striving to advance LGBT+ inclusion in their workplaces.

    24 Jun 2019 Trent Henry

    EY Value Realized 2022

    Read the report on our progress in building a better working world by creating long-term value for our people, clients and wider society.


    In a rapidly changing world, at EY we’re making an enduring impact by staying focused on our purpose of Building a better working world.

    Carmine Di Sibio

    EY Global Chairman and CEO


    Inclusive growth

    We believe a better working world is one where everyone can contribute to and share in the benefits of sustainable economic growth.

    Over the past generation, trends such as rapidly advancing technology, increased globalization and demographic shifts have brought huge benefits, but at the same time have left many people feeling like they’re falling behind.

    We believe economic growth and social inclusion must always be looked at together and increased overall prosperity can only be achieved along with more equal opportunity and outcomes. 

    Through our services, our wider influence and our approach to corporate responsibility, we're committed to supporting broad-based growth that empowers everyone to contribute to and benefit from economic success, both today and tomorrow.

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    Our alumni

    EY’s one million alumni continue to inspire us and help build a better working world.

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