Accessing EY Japan’s Seminar Room and Entry Procedure

Accessing Seminar Room

The seminar room is at 15F, however, the reception is at 10F.
After entering the building from the office entrance (Hibiya-Dori street), take the shuttle elevator (1F-9F) to 9F, then take the escalator to 10F and visit the seminar reception counter located to the left of EY general reception.
*Please note that there is no direct access to the office (seminar room) from the shopping mall entrance.

Available Elevators

Seminar Reception and Building Entry Procedure

  • Please receive the entrance pass from the seminar reception counter at 10F.
  • The entrance pass is for seminars and can only be used when passing through the security gates at 9F and 10F.
  • After passing through the gate with you entrance pass, go to 15F and proceed to door 1501.
  • During seminar, door 1501 (located on the passageway of the restroom side) will always be unlocked (green light will be flashing), so entrance pass is not needed when entering and exiting the door.
    *Entrance is unavailable at door 1502, located on the opposite side of the restroom passageway.

Available Elevators

The elevators (used for going to 9F and 10F) are available for exiting 15F, as shown below.

Available Elevators

Returning the Entrance Pass

 When the seminar is finished, please go to either 9F or 10F, using the elevator from 15F, and return the entrance pass into “EY Entry Card Collection Box”, which is located on each floor, before leaving the building.