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Hiroaki Kosugi

EY Japan Oil & Gas Sector Leader

Husband and father of three. Loves to cook and eat, Dog owner.

Hiroaki Kosugi is the EY Japan Oil & Gas Sector Leader, and also Global Client Service Partner serving some of EY’s largest clients in the Life Science Sector.

With a career spanning 4 decades, he has provided auditing services for upstream oil companies, the construction industry and the food products industry.

Becoming a partner in 2000, he has also been a board member of the firm, with oversight of the financial management division, in addition to his role within the auditing division.

His international experience includes working for almost four years in Vancouver, Canada where he handled auditing and business development for Japan-affiliated companies in trading, manufacturing, tourism and other sectors, as well as for local companies.

He is a Japan certified public accountant, and a graduate of the Faculty of Economics of Keio University in Tokyo, Japan. Faculty of Economics.

Building a better working world

"My current focus is providing auditing services, which play an important role in the economic system: they help ensure companies maintain the trust of society.

Each day, I work to improve as a professional and ensure that there is mutual respect and cooperation between our client companies and EY, in our role as auditors.

I also make a point to share this perspective with my colleagues and fellow team members.

I want to be a facilitator for this exchange, and it often helps to bring a smile in whatever I do, whether at home or at work."

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