There are limits to what a single individual or company can do or create. My biggest joy as a consultant is collaborating with clients and colleagues to achieve a goal that can’t be reached alone and to experience change.

Koichi Oyama

Partner, Strategic Impact, EY Strategy & Consulting Co., Ltd.

On weekdays, a monk in training wholly focused on sustainable society. On weekends, a surfer wholly focused on the next wave.

Koichi Oyama provides planning for new business, technology, and marketing strategy development, primarily for clients in the auto and manufacturing industries. More recently, he has assisted clients with devising management strategy integrated with social sustainability, including medium-term business plans rooted in sustainable development goals (SDGs), new business planning oriented to social solutions, and Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) compliance.

He also heads the corporate administrative office for a study group on creating a hydrogen-based society centering on fuel cell vehicles.

Prior to joining EY, he worked at a major professional services firm.

Building a better working world

"A society that solves social problems through the economic activities of its companies is a society where solutions to social problems create economic benefits for companies and investors. I help clients build strategies for new business and technology development and administer corporate reforms in an effort to bring about a sustainable society, a new form of capitalism.

In parallel, I also continue the challenge of effecting societal reform at multiple levels in areas such as new industry creation, rule formation, and investor relations reform."

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