Manabu Shinohara
As a member of a professional firm, my top priority is to be a professional who my clients and employees can trust.

Manabu Shinohara

Deputy Strategy and Transformation Leader; Partner, EY Strategy and Consulting Co., Ltd. and Strategy Leader, EY-Parthenon

A leader in strategy advisory services that cover everything from value-increasing strategies to the use of external resources (M&A, etc.)

Manabu Shinohara is a Deputy Strategy and Transformation Leader at EY Strategy and Consulting Co., Ltd. and the Strategy Leader at EY-Parthenon.

In his almost 20 years at a consulting firm, Manabu was involved in every area of strategy advisory services, from creating strategies for improving the value of clients’ companies to making use of external resources through measures such as M&A. He was instrumental in the success of many projects, with particular experience in working for major corporations in Japan. He led specialized teams in these areas for over 10 years, growing them into one of Japan’s largest bases of strategy experts.

After joining EY, he recognized that our services needed to evolve and is collaborating with professionals and companies both within and outside EY to develop the consulting services that are needed today.

Building a better working world

I make it my duty to engage sincerely with clients and earn their trust as a consultant.

Many Japanese companies find it challenging to change from the inside. A commitment to improving my capabilities to be a consultant who can lead that change for my clients has driven my efforts. Everything I do is rooted in my belief that every change and evolution by my clients is a step toward a better working world.

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