Photographic portrait of Mark Weick
The world is moving quickly toward a more circular economy. Companies have the opportunity now to gain the advantages of capturing the value that comes from being a leader.

Mark Weick

Managing Director, Climate Change and Sustainability Services, Ernst & Young LLP

Passionate leader of innovation and sustainable business practices. Over 35 years in the chemicals and plastics industry, with a decade of directing both sustainability and enterprise risk management.

In his role as a Managing Director for Climate Change and Sustainability Services at Ernst & Young LLP, Mark helps companies develop clear action plans to take advantage of emerging circular economy trends and opportunities, and to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) into company strategy and decisions.

He served 35 years at a Fortune 100 company, with research and development, ESG, mergers and acquisitions; and business leadership roles concluding with a decade of directing both sustainability and enterprise risk management for the entire company. Mark worked closely with senior management, business leaders and manufacturing personnel, as well as board members and senior NGO and academic leaders, while directing the company’s sustainability external advisory council and developing industry-leading cross-sector collaborations.

Mark earned a BsC in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University.

How Mark is building a better working world

“Throughout my working career, I have built a better working world through award-winning innovation teams, breakthrough cross-sector collaborations and proven sustainability goals that increased triple-bottom-line profits. We’ll continue to build a better working world as we account in new ways for how we are impacting our ecosystems. We’re now seeing a lot more awareness and a drive to incorporate circular economy initiatives, climate change and the overall ESG agenda into business strategy and decisions.”

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