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Masami Katakura

EY Japan Managing Partner – Assurance, Chairwoman and CEO, Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC

Leading EY Japan's assurance service. Audit quality as a social responsibility. "Every day is a good day". Act in a way that leaves no one with regrets.

Masami Katakura is the Chairwoman & CEO of EY ShinNihon, a member firm of EY Japan. She is also a managing partner in the Assurance Service of EY Japan.

Joining EY in 1991, she was engaged in the audit of numerous Japanese companies, ranging from IPOs to global companies listed in the USA. She has gained wide knowledge of the technology sector, especially in the software and electronic components industries. Her experience also encompasses a 2 year period as a section manager at the Department of Commerce and Information Policy Bureau of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry where she helped to develop Japanese IT strategies. She has also served as a government committee member in related fields.

She is a Certified Public Accountant in Japan and an EY partner.

Building a better working world

I gained invaluable experience in understanding how to support the building of a better working world through interaction with the local community. I have acted as a mentor in the “Human Resource Development Dojo” for young managers, as part of the “Tohoku Mirai Initiative”, which supports the reconstruction of the Tohoku region after the East Japan Earthquake of 2011. With the help of EY’s young professionals, I enjoyed many in-depth discussions about how to turn young entrepreneurs' dreams into reality, and offered support in creating business plans.

I was privileged to hear directly the heartfelt messages of managers wanting to solve social issues such as post-earthquake recovery and to identify actions to improve the future of the local community. This was only possible by meeting them in person, and winning their trust. 

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