In a digital world, I firmly believe in the power of people to change our future.

Shinichiro Uzawa

EY Asia-Pacific and EY Japan People Consulting Leader; Partner, EY Strategy & Consulting Co., Ltd.

Thought leader who brings new ideas to the market. Extensive experience in large-scale, complex and global HR transformation. Father of two.

Shinichiro Uzawa is the leader of People Consulting (PC) services in EY Japan and EY Asia-Pacific.

Shinichiro has over 25years of experience in HR transformation in business and consulting companies, specializing in HR strategy development, transformation, change management, and digital HR. Prior to assuming his current position, he served as the HR Transformation Practice Leader at a top global consulting firm and as an HR Consulting Leader overseeing seven countries in the Asia-Pacific.

He has also served as a visiting professor at Kenichi Ohmae Graduate School of Business (MBA) since September 2020 and an adjunct professor at Kyoto University Graduate School of Management (MBA) since April 2023.

His major publications include "HRDX Textbook: People Strategy in a Digital Era" (co-authored/JMA Management Center), "Workstyle Reform" (co-authored/The Institute of Labour Administration), and "Deep Purpose: The Heart and Soul of High-Performance Companies" (published by Toyokan Publishing), in which he contributed a commentary chapter to the Japanese translation of the book by Professor Ranjay Gulati of Harvard Business School, as well as "Human Capital Management and Data Disclosure” (published by Seibunsya).

Building a better working world

“Even the most inspired of corporate strategies and  plans for digital transformation  ultimately depends on people doing the work to deploy them successfully and to act on their potential to build a better working world.

While we live in an age where the technological advancements may eventually render some jobs obsolete, I choose to place my faith and conviction in the innate potential and future of people. EY’s 16,000-strong global network of HR professionals spans 150 countries and regions, and by leveraging that network in conjunction with the support we provide for labor productivity improvement, performance management and leadership development, we are doing our part to build a better working world that enables people to live and grow in harmony with digital innovation."

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