Takahiro Tsumagari
I uncover the true needs of my clients and provide support tailored to those needs.

Takahiro Tsumagari

Partner, EY Law Co.

Joined EY Law Co. after working as a partner at major foreign and Japanese law firms. Wants a great suntan all year round if he can help it.

As a partner at EY Law Co., Takahiro is a driving force for the company and is involved in a wide range of matters.

Takahiro was admitted as an attorney in 1999. Before he joined EY Law Co. in 2017, he was a partner at a major international law firm headquartered in the US and a major Japanese law firm. Previous roles include positions in the Los Angeles and Tokyo offices of an American legal giant.

Takahiro advises numerous Japanese and foreign companies on M&A, business partnerships, real estate matters, and structured financing. He also has a wealth of experience advising owner managed businesses on business succession, inheritance management, litigation, and other legal matters.

How Takahiro is building a better working world

If you want to build a better working world, you must ensure the happiness of the individuals and companies that make up our societies.
To make everyone happy, they need to exist in harmony and balance with the rest of society.
I am just one person, but I do everything I can each day to make everyone happy without losing that balance.

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