Carbon Neutrality and Digital Transformation in the Japanese tax landscape

Part of EY ’s ‘Japan Inbound tax’ series of webcasts

Carbon Neutrality and Digital Transformation related considerations dominate the current economic landscape. Governments utilize various methods to encourage economic participants to reduce zero greenhouse emissions and to promote digital transformation on a wide scale.

The Japanese government is not an exception. The government has set the goal to reach zero greenhouse emissions by 2050 and to promote the digital transformation of the Japanese economy. To support companies in their efforts, Carbon Neutral and Digital Transformation tax incentives have been introduced to Japanese tax legislation by the 2021 Tax Reform Package. The maximum amount of available tax incentives (tax credits) can be up to 1.5bn JPY for Digital Transformation and 5bn JPY for Carbon Neutrality.

These measures are new. It is important that you are aware of these opportunities and that you do not miss out on them. In this webcast, we plan on covering the following:

  • General overview on the Japanese government’s position on Carbon Neutrality and Digital Transformation and how the government is steering these initiatives through legislation.
  • Digital Transformation and Carbon Neutrality related tax incentives (qualifying conditions, investment amounts etc.)
  • Procedural considerations to consider when applying for the tax incentives
  • Timing considerations (these tax incentives are temporary measures)
  • Practical comments 

Even though this topic has a substantial tax technical component, our aim is to make our discussion relevant for CFOs and financial management of our clients as well as for in-house tax specialists.

Date and Time: Thursday, 28 October 2021, 11:00-12:00 (Japan time)
Cost: Free
Language: English

※The webcast will be available on-demand following the event.


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  • Tatsuro Shirakawa, Senior Manager, ESG Economics Strategy, Strategic Impact Unit


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