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Political disruption is creating both challenges and opportunities for global organizations. With a growing imperative to develop more strategic approaches to managing global political risk, the Geostrategic Business Group exists to help companies understand the impact of geopolitics on business and how to effectively navigate this volatile global landscape.

What EY can do for you

The EY Geostrategic Business Group (GBG) helps organizations incorporate the risks and opportunities of the shifting global landscape into their business strategy.

Geopolitics affects every global organization, from strategy to supply chain. Yet many companies struggle to assess and manage the ever-changing disruption and direct impact on their business.

By harnessing our global footprint and local knowledge, we help organizations translate geopolitics into business strategy.

EY member firms collaborate with third-party firms to bring an added independent political risk perspective. Together with the breadth of our strategic and operational expertise, our teams translate geopolitical trends into actionable plans that guide you through new ways of monitoring and mitigating risk.

In 2019, the GBG launched a collaboration with The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania to launch the Wharton Political Risk Lab. This collaboration forms a global innovation ecosystem exploring the relationship between political risk, corporate performance, and political risk management.

To thrive in today’s changing world, we believe businesses need a geostrategy. To get there, we help companies:

  • Look at how they are organized from the boardroom through to operations in dealing with geopolitical disruption
  • Set up processes to identify and understand geopolitical risk and opportunity
  • Assess the direct impact of geopolitics on a firm’s customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders
  • Explore the impact of geopolitics on sales, corporate responsibility, corporate finance, R&D and other corporate functions
  • Understand how a company trains, hires and utilizes people or external firms with geopolitical expertise
  • Guide companies on how to embed a geopolitical perspective across its operations

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