Corporate and growth strategy

EY-Parthenon teams help develop and deliver strategic opportunities for clients by providing in-depth market, competitor and customer insight — incorporating financial, operational and implementation perspectives across their entire organization.

What EY-Parthenon can do for you

EY-Parthenon teams can help business leaders and CEOs answer the following questions:

  • What is your full-potential value and are you realizing long-term value?
  • What growth opportunities exist in your core business?
  • Is now the time to evaluate, prioritize and pursue adjacencies to optimize growth?
  • In this time of volatility, are there transformational growth opportunities you should be considering, including both organic and inorganic paths?
  • What is your business strategy in the digital world?
  • Are you leveraging the transformative power of ecosystem business models?
  • What are the right channels for your product or service, and what’s the best way to get into those channels?
  • How well do you understand your customer’s needs and priorities, and what are you doing to address them?
  • Are you getting the optimal return on investment (ROI) for your sales and marketing spend?

The corporate and growth strategy EY-Parthenon professionals have experience in the following areas:

  • Corporate and business unit strategy

    EY-Parthenon professionals utilize data-rich analyses such as competitive analysis and economic forecasting, market sizing and customer perspectives into actionable and successful growth strategies in today’s everchanging and increasingly challenging landscape.

  • Purpose-led strategy and long-term value

    EY-Parthenon professionals help clients define their purpose and translate it into action—by putting it at the very core of their strategy— in order to generate sustained, profitable growth and long-term value.

  • Business model reinvention

    EY-Parthenon professionals help clients reimagine their future success and transform their businesses to meet the needs of their markets.

  • Portfolio strategy

    EY-Parthenon professionals help clients understand the role and potential of different business units and advise them on how to optimize their portfolios, including identifying opportunities for acquisitions and potential divestitures.

  • New market entry opportunities

    EY-Parthenon professionals help clients explore new market opportunities such as the expansion into new geographies, the identification of new channels, the targeting of new customer segments, or even the creation of new product categories. They then explore what gaps clients need to fill to fully capture that market opportunity and evaluate the most efficient ways to fill those gaps.

  • Digital transformation strategy

    Digital is more than just a website or a marketing channel — it’s the backbone of a business and affects the entire operation. In today’s world, change is the only constant: changing customer needs, evolving technologies, disrupted value chain and fluctuating markets. EY-Parthenon professionals help clients navigate these changes and help them build a business strategy for a digital world.

  • Ecosystem strategy

    A growing number of organizations are making ecosystem business models a strategic imperative. We can help you develop an ecosystem strategy that assesses the strength of existing partnerships, identifies new market opportunities and determines your role within targeted ecosystems. The result is a strategy that transforms operations and governance structure by aligning incentives across relevant elements of the value chain to drive ecosystem growth.

  • Go-to-market strategy

    EY-Parthenon professionals assist clients in developing a detailed action plan for reaching target customers and achieving competitive advantage in the market.

  • Operational and IT diligence

    EY-Parthenon professionals critically evaluate a target’s attractiveness through an assessment of their operational and IT infrastructures. They focus on the key issues that may affect the overall business case by analyzing stand-alone and stranded costs, examining efficiencies and developing fact-based positions for future-state operating models, determining optimal transition service agreements (TSAs), and helping prepare management for negotiations.

  • Commercial diligence (buy side)

    Using data-driven analysis, including the capabilities in primary and secondary research, and econometric analysis, EY-Parthenon professionals support clients’ diligence process by evaluating the attractiveness of a target’s industry, assessing its competitive position and opportunities for growth, understating its current and potential value proposition for its customer, and providing key input into valuation models.

  • Vendor due diligence (sell side)

    EY-Parthenon professionals assist clients in the exit phase of investment by articulating a portfolio company’s strategic position, future growth opportunities, and full potential long-term value.


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