EY Finance Navigator features

Whether you are a finance pro or just a beginner, EY Finance Navigator makes it easy for entrepreneurs to build a professional financial plan and detailed cash flow projections. Check out our features here.

What EY Finance Navigator can do for you

Easily build a complete and professional financial plan including financial statements and a KPI dashboard.

Create professional financial models with all the information that you need to define the future financial impact of strategic decisions you make today. All financial statements (profit and loss statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement) are calculated automatically and essential startup KPIs appear right before your eyes in a clear and nicely designed dashboard.

Financial forecasting made easy: say goodbye to spreadsheet spaghetti.

Want to create a high level forecast in a fast and easy way to see whether your business idea has potential or whether you need funding? No problem! Create financial projections in no time with our easy to use forecasting functionality, helping you create personnel, sales, costs, expenses, investments and funding projections; all on monthly basis. Want to customize data to the extent you could customize a spreadsheet? No problem either! Use our editable tables and play with your numbers like you would in Excel. Add assumptions to your projections and you’ll have a full-fledged financial model in place.

No matter how many pivots your company does, create modular financial models that are always aligned to your business giving insights on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

Whether you want to have your dashboard shown in Japanese yen, want to build a 10-year forecast, or use the tax rates of Tanzania, it's all up to you! Customize your dashboard settings to your own needs. Add opening balances and switch between monthly, quarterly and yearly view across the whole platform.

No finance background required: get challenged on your numbers with our automated benchmarking and financial analysis functionality.

No need to be a financial expert, our algorithm will take you by the hand. Simply hit the “Analyze plan” button and our algorithm provides you with sector-specific benchmarking data and sanity checks to help you improve and understand your financial plan. Moreover, our notifications will challenge you on your forecast, just like an investor might do! Leverage our automated financial analysis and improve your plan based on the tips you receive.

Built to share: export your complete financial plan to a spreadsheet model.

Building a business is a team effort, so Finance Navigator makes your projections easy to edit and share with its cloud-based access and effortless export functionality. Export your projections and Finance Navigator will automatically generate a spreadsheet model that you can share with, and use to inspire, investors, co-founders, partners or your management team.

Monthly cash flow forecasting made easy.

Anticipate potential cash shortages and funding requirements months ahead with Finance Navigator’s automatically generated monthly cash flow forecast. Based on your forecast all cash in-and outflows are listed on a monthly basis in our cash flow overview, making it easy for you to spot potential liquidity problems that can lead to bankruptcy. Add financing/funding streams to your forecast as well and see how they impact your cash position, so you know when it’s time to raise funding.

Create multiple scenarios and analyze the future financial impact of different strategic decisions you make today.

Build multiple scenarios from scratch, or duplicate an existing case and make quick edits. Compare the different forecasts in your scenario overview screen and get crucial insights on funding requirements, profitability and the break-even point of the different business cases you have created. In this way you’ll be prepared for scenarios in which your startup performs worse than expected or, if you’re lucky, better!

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