Photographic portrait of Angélique Heemels
We have exceptional in-house know-how at EY, but, as a people person, I find the human touch to be at least as important.

Angélique Heemels

EY Netherlands Partner CFO Consulting

Enthusiastic. Connects people. Curious. Loves finding new ways.

Angélique Heemels supports CFOs in making their finance function more professional and future-proof.

She studied Accountancy at higher vocational level, followed by Economics at Tilburg University and a post-doctorate in Accountancy at Nyenrode Business University. She has been working at EY since 1997, and was Strategic Growth Markets Leader. In addition to her work at EY, she is an honorary consul for France, representing the Rotterdam region.

“CFOs and their financial departments are undergoing transformation. From looking back to looking forward, as the business advisor to the CEO. How do you use digital tools, such as robotics, in this respect? We call it Finance 4.0. At EY, we have exceptional in-house know-how in this field, but, as a people person, I find the human touch to be at least as important.”

How Angélique is building a better working world

“What drives me most? Working with people. Whether they are our colleagues, or clients. I don’t just walk in with a “briefcase full of finance solutions”, I am rather actually curious about what someone is struggling with. Then you go into the project together, as it is the client who has to deal with it themselves in the end.”

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