Photographic portrait of Arjan van Oostrom
There’s often considerable time pressure and the work is intensive. There’s also a competitive atmosphere around deals, which requires speed and proactiveness.

Arjan van Oostrom

EY Netherlands Partner International Tax and Transaction Services

Focused. Bold. Enthusiastic. Enjoys the interplay and dynamism of M&A.

Arjan van Oostrom assists companies with the fiscal aspects of transactions, both from the acquisition and sales side. The areas involved range from due diligence to structuring and implementation.

He studied fiscal economics at the University of Amsterdam and has been working at EY since 2000. He specializes in the financial and real estate sectors.

Get the deal done, that’s my motto. There’s often considerable time pressure and the work is intensive, sometimes lasting into the small hours. There’s also a competitive atmosphere that requires speed and proactiveness. All of this is aimed at achieving the best result. And that can mean anything - from hard bargaining to ensuring the best protection against fiscal risks.

How Arjan is building a better working world

“I always say that no two deals are the same. Each deal has its own facts and parameters, which can even change from one day to the next. For example, on the following day, you can find that the starting points have been altered, and so you’re back to the drawing board in structuring terms. I enjoy the dynamism, the unexpected. It’s really all a big game that you play with the other party. You’re constantly watching the balance between maintaining a good atmosphere and making shrewd moves.”

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