Photographic portrait of Bruno Jelgerhuis Swildens
I’m always looking for the added value I can offer in processes, and I’m convinced that I can deliver on that too.

Bruno Jelgerhuis Swildens

EY Netherlands Partner Strategy and Transactions

Hands-on and committed. Enthusiastic. Creative. Adds value for clients by coming up with creative solutions.

Bruno Jelgerhuis Swildens assists with relations during transactions, and aims to create value over the longest term possible.

He studied Accountancy at Erasmus University, Rotterdam. He started work as an accountant at EY in 1985, and moved into Strategy and Transactions 14 years ago. He is a founder and managing partner of the EY advisory office in Rotterdam.

“I’m client-focused in my work, and build on relationships in the long term. I always look for the added value that we can offer clients in transaction processes. I’m convinced that we can deliver it too. Relationships are a recognition of this value; we’re regularly called in for follow-up assignments. Clients are very loyal. That definitely says something.”

How Bruno is building a better working world

“To outsiders, the world of transactions can seem fast-paced and focused on short-term results. I prefer to look creatively for longer-term value for companies. I do this, for example, for the Rotterdam business cluster, for our active connections in oil and gas, transport and storage, logistics, energy and maritime infrastructure. By offering them support, for example, in the transition to smarter recycling or CO2 reduction, we can help them develop their future-proofing.”

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