Photographic portrait of Christian Hoppe
Digitalization is not a buzzword, it’s an imperative and will revolutionize the internal audit approach. We make it happen.

Christian Hoppe

EY Global Virtual Internal Audit (EY VIA) Business Lead, Co-founder of EY VIA

Firm believer that machines need to better support the human and not the other way around. Information junkie, design thinker and sports enthusiast.

Christian is the EY Global Virtual Internal Audit (EY VIA) Business Lead and co-founder of EY VIA. He has extensive experience in digital consulting with a focus on risk and internal audit services, including structural use of data analytics across the risk lifecycle.

Having joined EY in 2011, Christian focuses today on the digital infusion of technology to help manage risks better.

He studied information-oriented Business Administration at the University of Augsburg, Germany.

How Christian is building a better working world

“In my daily work with clients, I focus on combining methodology, people and technology to manage emerging risks of the organization. 

Driving transformation of internal audit can help build dynamic, risk-aware organizations, equipped to make better decisions for the future.

I strongly believe that EY VIA is made to build a better working world!”

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