Photographic portrait of Dolf Bruins Slot
I give decisive advice, with surgical precision.

Dolf Bruins Slot

EY Netherlands Partner Strategy and Transactions, Turnaround and Restructuring Strategy

Experienced. Analytical. Decisive. He finds it a challenge to assist and guide companies during difficult phases in their existence, taking all affected stakeholders into consideration.

Dolf Bruins Slot is focused on restructuring advisory, performance improvement, cash management, and independent business reviews at businesses in various sectors, from multinationals, director and major shareholder companies, to healthcare organizations.

He studied Business Administration and Postdoctoral Accountancy at the University of Amsterdam. He has been working at EY since 1994, and has over 20 years of experience in transactions and restructuring.

“Each situation is unique. Accompanying clients the best, most professional manner during the course of their transition begins with trust and requires good listening and analytical thought. I give decisive advice, with surgical precision. That’s important, because it’s during restructuring that companies are vulnerable: the money is running out, there’s lots going on, there are opposing needs or conflicting situations. There’s often insufficient control of the overall situation. At a time like this, you have to make good choices.”

How Dolf is building a better working world

“I applied to EY straight after finishing my studies. Giving tailor-made advice is typical of my field; each situation requires a unique approach. Does this company have the right to exist, and what exactly does that mean? That has social relevance. I’m an endurance athlete and see a lot of parallels with my work. You need to have stamina to eventually achieve the best result for the client.”

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