Photographic portrait of Gillian Hinde
Shared purpose opens the door to replacing competition with collaboration, working together to build vibrant ecosystems for driving sustainable, inclusive growth.

Gillian Hinde

EY Global Corporate Responsibility Leader

Connector. Collaborator. Wannabe concert pianist. Passionate about personal empowerment and collective action to drive change at scale.

As EY Global Corporate Responsibility Leader, Gill leads implementation of the EY Ripples program to help drive sustainable inclusive growth in our communities, as well as overseeing efforts to embed social and environmental value creation more deeply in everything we do.

A native South African, Gill moved to Sydney, Australia, where she joined EY in 2010. There, she spent six years with Advisory and Financial Services before joining the global Digital team, helping to develop and package new digital service offerings.

Combined with experience at Unilever and then the Standard Bank Group in South Africa, launching new services for the underbanked, this explains her passion for innovating new models and collaborations that can help accelerate the creation of social and environmental impact at scale.

How Gillian is building a better working world

“As a global leader in professional services, EY occupies a privileged position as an agent of change. Using the skills, knowledge and experience of EY people, and the influence and convening power of the global EY organization, my team and I seek to build the kind of collaborations that can make a lasting and meaningful difference to the quality of life of millions of people.

By working collectively and forging vibrant new ecosystems, I believe we can recast our economic model to one that creates equity of opportunity for all; one that measures progress not just in terms of the rate of growth, but also the quality of that growth and people’s “lived experience” of it. For me, that truly would be a better working world.”

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