Photographic portrait of Wessel Geurts
It’s hard work in a dynamic environment, which sometimes goes on until late in the evening. And when you can still work on it together - that gives you a kick.

Wessel Geurts

EY Netherlands Partner Strategy and Transactions

Pragmatic. Solution-oriented. Reliable. He’s a team player and enjoys moving quickly in a dynamic environment.

Wessel Geurts advises financial institutions, in the broader sense, on transaction processes (on the sales and acquisition side). He is specialized in due diligence research, but also offers more wide-ranging services. Both in valuation or providing support in contract negotiations.

He studied Business Economics at Hogeschool Utrecht, followed by training as a Chartered Accountant at Erasmus University, Rotterdam. He has been working at EY since 1997.

“Acquisitions take place in a competitive market. There’s always significant time pressure, so we have to move quickly. Trust is of the essence here. The acquiring party needs to trust in our findings as the price and contractual conditions are based on them. We prepare the seller for the transaction as much as possible. It’s all about achieving the highest quality and delivering it with a broad team of specialists.”

How Wessel is building a better working world

“Together with the client and colleagues, you’re in a very dynamic process. You never know exactly how it’ll work out; the situation may be quite different tomorrow. It’s hard work, which sometimes goes on until late in the evening. And when we can still work on it together, that always gives me a kick. What is the best thing a client can say? That they’re so satisfied that they would like us to guide their future transactions too.”

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