Supply Chain Transformation

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The Supply Chain Transformation solution helps you balance business needs with ever-growing customer expectations. We can help you move from linear to connected ecosystems of partners, suppliers and alliances, towards fully autonomous supply chains that drive innovation and business growth.


Your business challenge

Delivering on customer promises while meeting business expectations on cost, profit and sustainability is a major challenge for enterprises across the globe today — especially in the face of constant disruption including climate, market, trade, political and regulatory changes and volatility. Companies clearly see the need to increase supply chain resilience and to navigate major disruptions such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Does your supply chain:

  • Provide visibility beyond tier one suppliers?
  • Leverage technology and automation to keep costs down and speed up service delivery?
  • Utilize data analytics to better forecast and predict what happens next?
  • Balance costs, growth and sustainability?
  • Perform with agility when disruptions occur?
  • Focus on sustainability, looking across the full ecosystem?

Solution benefits

Enterprises that digitally transform their supply chain are more responsive to customers, capable of measuring their environmental impact, able to keep their operating costs lower and enjoy higher employee engagement.

  • Improve service through enhanced response capabilities
  • Lower inventory, working capital and operating costs
  • Gain a smaller carbon footprint through energy-efficient warehouses, transportation networks and manufacturing plants

Solution features and functionality

  • Integrated business planning

    Integrated business planning connects sales, marketing, finance, procurement and operations to optimize cost, service and inventory trade-offs. It focuses on all areas of planning, from long-term and strategic through mid-term and into execution.

    • Segmented and synchronized end-to-end planning — ensured by EY VC Sync analytics – to align supply with customers, separate demand signals from market noise and enable step changes for service, inventory and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
    • Digital planning transformation, advanced monetization, integrated business planning (IBP) and scenario modeling – leveraging leading technologies, e.g., robotic process automation (RPA), simulation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve outcomes for forecasting and planning and reduce planners’ efforts.
    • Proctor and Gamble (P&G) alliance — allows EY teams to accelerate service delivery with P&G’s Integrated Work System (IWS) which helps drive continuous improvement in cost, cash, people, customer service and sustainability metrics.
    • End-to-end visibility — leveraging data to provide real-time insights to shift from reactive to proactive decision-making and better connect the supply chain with the entire business.
    • Operating model transformation — building end-to-end connections, core capability centers, automation and standards in support of a transition to next-generation planner roles e.g., “citizen developers”.
  • Customer collaboration and order fulfillment

    Offering customers intraday delivery requires utilizing advanced technologies to improve fulfillment performance. Companies can improve overall service levels with smarter inventory deployment and more responsive fulfillment that takes advantage of AI to drive predictive order capabilities.

    • Provide the most current information to customer service and sales teams, and directly to customers, so they can track status and deliveries
    • Predictive AI for locating the right product, in the right place, at the right time and offering alternatives if products sell out quickly or delays occur
    • Keep logistics and distribution costs down with predictive analytics that can choose the right method of delivery based on set parameters
    • Identify critical value drivers to inform a prioritized capabilities and tool deployment strategy with our Supply Chain Intelligence Platform (SCIP)
  • Distribution and logistics transformation

    Meeting today’s customer expectations means fulfillment services must perform competitively to keep and grow market share. Building an agile supply chain requires analyses for cost to serve, network design, fulfillment operations and last-mile routing. EY teams can also help automate warehousing, transportation and last-mile delivery to build differentiated capabilities.

    • Build an ideal infrastructure powered by digital logistics and fulfillment capabilities to drive competitive preference in the market
    • Enable a cost-effective direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategy
    • Create new capabilities for real-time monitoring, visibility, response and traceability
    • Utilize advanced technologies in your operations such as machine learning, robotics, autonomous vehicles, drones and augmented reality to improve distribution performance
    • Identify critical value drivers and inform a prioritized strategy for deployment of leading-class tools and capabilities with EY Supply Chain Intelligence Platform (SCIP)
  • Product innovation and product lifecycle management

    To increase product innovation and reduce time to market, enterprises across the globe are adopting digital product lifecycle management. This holistic approach brings data and technologies such as digital twin and simulation together with advanced product lifecycle management software to enhance digital design and product ideation.

    • Analyze large volumes of data from customers, suppliers and other third parties to improve product designs and drive innovation
    • Predict customer wants and needs faster with a pulse on rapidly changing market conditions
    • Incorporate sustainable and circular practices into existing product life cycle management activities
    • Leverage advanced product lifecycle management methods by applying P&G’s Integrated Work System across the end-to-end supply chain
    • Close the gap between product development operations and strategic portfolio management with EY Life Cycle Navigation (EY LION) for a faster and cost-effective time to market


Why EY

EY has the breadth of capabilities, experience and technologies and a proven track record to turn transformation ambitions into reality. From strategists to designers and engineers, from data scientists and technologists to people advisory, from risk to cyber to tax, EY can guide you through the entire lifecycle of your transformation in a way few organizations can match. Read more about Transformation Realized™.


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