Cybersecurity Managed Services

In a more complex risk landscape, you need a new approach to cybersecurity. EY Cybersecurity Managed Services brings a global network of talent, industry knowledge and technology to help you build greater resilience, digital trust and long-term value.

What EY can do for you

Advancing technology and global volatility are creating a more fractious, unpredictable cyber risk environment. Keeping on top of escalating threat levels and evolving regulations is just too complex and costly for any business to navigate alone.

EY Cybersecurity Managed Services is a flexible, collaborative approach that transforms your cybersecurity function through access to our talent, technology, alliances and knowledge. Together, we’ll turn a cost overhead into a strategic enabler through:

  • Confidence to transform: We help businesses take the risk out of cyber, giving organizations the confidence to focus on transformational growth and innovation.
  • Strategic value and competitive advantage: A technology-based, future-proofed cyber function is a strategic differentiator, adding value and creating competitive advantage.
  • Cost certainty and flexibility: Streamlined cyber operations reduce costs while transparent, cost-effective delivery models provide cost certainty, with flexibility to scale as needs change.
  • Stronger resilience, faster remediation: The shift from defensive actions to a proactive, insights-based approach helps identify and resolve cyber risks earlier, so you can focus on the core business.
  • Digital integrity that builds trusted ecosystems: Stronger cyber resilience and faster remediation creates the digital integrity that is critical to building trusted reputations and relationships with customers, regulators and partners.

EY Cybersecurity Managed Services is seamless, strategic security that gives you the confidence to focus on innovation and growth. It’s your world, running on ours, better.

  • Supply Chain Cyber Risk

    EY's Supply Chain Cyber Risk (SCCR) assesses cyber threats and vulnerabilities across your ecosystem - extending beyond third party assessments. Driven by curated threat intelligence from our global threat research unit, our extended service includes attack surface mapping providing visibility on suppliers’ footprint in your environment, access to assets, risk profile quantification and the severity of risk using EY's proprietary cyber risk dashboard.

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  • Threat Detection and Response

    Our next generation Threat Detection and Response (TDR) solutions combine specialized talent, rationalized processes and state-of-the-art technology. Our center of innovation continuously curates threat-centric use cases, optimizes log source collection, builds watchlists, and drives automation and orchestration to provide end-to-end visibility of the attack lifecycle, enhancing the ability to find, hunt and respond to indicators of attacks and compromise.

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  • Threat Exposure Management

    Our holistic Threat Exposure Management solutions proactively manage internal and external exposure to cyber threats across all environments (IT/OT/IoT/cloud). Supported by strong governance and metrics-based reporting, we identify security vulnerabilities and prioritize the next steps to protect organizations. Threats are managed through the adoption of a process-centric approach and automated remediation.

    Learn more about our Threat Exposure Management Managed Services

  • Digital Identity

    Digital Identity services help clients manage the lifecycle of digital identities and prevent unauthorized access to systems and applications across traditional and multi-cloud environments. Robust processes, and the implementation of cutting-edge technology, through our strategic alliance partners, transforms the way you identify customers, employees and digital assets, making managing access and governance easy. Centralized, improved security lowers your costs, improves productivity and accelerates the digital maturity that will power innovation.

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