How to think strategically in a changing technological landscape

3 minute read 13 Sep 2023
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3 minute read 13 Sep 2023

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ 2023 speaker Pascal Finette shows how thinking like a futurist can help prepare you for a changing world.

In brief
  • If you want to build a business, don’t build your core competency around what's going to change, but on what's not going to change.
  • When navigating technological disruption, ask: What is one change you need to make, and what is one thing that might get in your way of making that change?

In June 2023, the world’s leading entrepreneurs gathered in Monaco for EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™, the ultimate global competition for entrepreneurs. Thought leaders from EY Tech University and the EY Luminary Network led interactive “Future of” sessions to discuss critical business challenges and today’s hot-button issues that will greatly impact our collective future.

Pascal Finette, CEO at be radical, spoke on the Future of Technology and how leaders can decode the future, disrupt their industries and transform their businesses. Below are key takeaways from Pascal’s presentation to prepare for the future of technology.

What are the signs of “state change” companies can use to pivot?

“Many businesses today are relying on traffic coming from search engines. With AI, your customer is using search in a different way because they’re now using ChatGPT, and that’s going to completely disrupt a business reliant on search. That's a state change,” Pascal says. He explains how to identify and exploit state changes.

Why do companies become obsolete? 

“There are four things that every single company my team and I have worked with has stumbled over. We call them the Four Horsemen: 1) fear of cannibalization, 2) the 'leverage what you have' fallacy, 3) the autoimmune disease and 4) the time horizon fallacy." Pascal expands on the four obstacles businesses face and how you can overcome them. 

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