Photographic portrait of Alan Gibson

Alan Gibson

Associate Director, Forensic & Integrity Services, Ernst & Young LLP

Business development executive. Connecting people, technologies and insights. Generating business and innovation in legal and compliance for corporations and law firms.

Areas of focus Assurance Forensics
Office Phoenix, US

Alan is a business development professional in Forensic & Integrity Services. He helps organizations use data analytics and technology to manage legal, regulatory and reputational risks; and make more effective compliance, legal and business decisions. Alan has spent over two decades working at the intersection of legal, compliance, business and technology.

How Alan is building a better working world

Alan has a unique perspective of connecting the intersection of legal, compliance, business, and technology, enabling him to seamlessly drive change across these domains. His role as a business development executive in the ever-evolving legal and compliance universe positions him to connect, innovate, and leverage technology and data for enhanced outcomes in these sectors. Alan enjoys helping leaders manage risks, make more informed decisions, and drive positive change, ultimately contributing to a better working world.

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