Photographic portrait of Helen Bentley
Innovation offers us limitless possibilities. Our challenge is identifying the best opportunity to pursue.

Helen Bentley

Partner, Digital Strategy, Innovation & Experience, EY Strategy & Consulting Co. Ltd; EY wavespace™ Tokyo Leader

Driver of digital transformation and innovation. Creative and strategic thinker. Adventure sports and improvisational comedy enthusiast.

Areas of focus EY wavespace™
Office Tokyo, JP

Helen Bentley is the Digital Strategy, Innovation & Experience Partner for EY Japan Consulting, supporting clients on how best to leverage digital technologies to improve business efficiency and increase profitability.

She leads EY wavespace Tokyo, part of a global network of over 30 technology and innovation centers which empower clients to navigate the digital transformative age.

She also focuses on building EY Japan’s digital ecosystem: she both identifies value and invests in projects to strengthen expertise in the digital field, create new partnerships and initiate digital projects.

Her expertise lies in brand transformation using digital technologies. Prior to joining EY, she managed multiple global campaigns for large multinational and Japanese clients. She also supported the Tokyo Government in their bid to host the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

How Helen is building a better working world

"All of our projects such as setting up and running the wavespace Innovation Center are helping clients to transform so they can contribute to building a better working world.

My team is also helping to build a better working world within EY. We are a group of very dynamic and diverse talents who are continuously innovating. I am very proud of our team culture and the way we collaborate to solve client issues."

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