Photographic portrait of Patricia Partelow
In the last few years, we have seen an acceleration of the digitization of commerce, requiring products and services to be data driven and experience led. Embedded in that is the exchange of value.

Patricia Partelow

Managing Director, Financial Services Consulting, Ernst & Young LLP

Works with clients to navigate the ever-changing payments landscape. Helps businesses grow.

Pati is a leader in the EY Payments practice, where she works with clients to help them navigate the changing payments landscape by helping them assess the market, develop strategies, implement processes and platforms to deliver growth. Pati helps clients optimize the use of different payment types, implement the supporting processes and systems to grow revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

Pati has a Bachelor of Business Administration, Management Information Systems from Pace University.

How Patricia is building a better working world

“I work with all size companies to make financial services more innovative, accessible and secure for the customers they serve. This can be accomplished by helping them develop new products, optimize processes and modernize their platforms. I take a global view of what works around the world in an effort to drive success in local markets.”

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