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EY Digital Grid is a suite of solutions designed to help transmission and distribution companies digitize their grids for greater flexibility, resilience and value in a clean energy future.

What EY can do for you

As the energy transition accelerates, transmission and distribution companies face a critical challenge. How can they digitize their grids to help enable faster integration of renewables while maintaining security of supply and managing operational complexities?

EY Digital Grid is a flexible suite of solutions that supports companies at every stage of their digital grid journey. Focused on business outcomes and built on extensive global experience in digital transformation, EY Digital Grid helps transmission and distribution companies create a vision for their role in a decarbonized, digital energy market, define a cost-effective roadmap to realize this ambition, and adopt the right technologies, capabilities and mindset to create long-term value. 

Why should you choose EY Digital Grid? 

  • Access insights and experience from 60+ digital grid projects

    EY Digital Grid combines the knowledge and insight from more than 60 digital energy projects into a series of stackable solutions that help your organization benefit from global leading practices.

  • Meet today’s commercial imperatives and create long-term value

    EY Digital Grid supports you in using data and digital tools to improve operations and resiliency, reduce costs, enhance performance and position the business for opportunities that will create long-term value.

  • Transform fast and mitigate risk

    EY Digital Grid is your fast track to digital transformation. Ready-to-go solutions, such as EY UtilityWave, can be plugged in and scaled up and down at speed. You can avoid business downtime and reap rewards more quickly, confident that our industry and regulatory knowledge helps manage the risk of change.

  • Build flexibility for the future

    EY Digital Grid embeds unprecedented flexibility across the organization, allowing utilities to adapt at speed to the growth of distributed energy resources and evolution of IT/OT convergence.

  • Leverage leading technology that suits your needs

    We take a device-agnostic approach to the digital grid, drawing upon multiple leading technologies to help ensure your digital transformation suits your needs and improves return on investment.

  • Create a customer-centric organization

    The rise of distributed energy resources, including electric vehicles, puts customers at the heart of the new digital grid. EY Digital Grid supports utilities with the technologies, capabilities and mindset to put customers at the center of their own organizations, to meet new expectations and find new paths to value. 

  • Trusted collaboration with Microsoft

    EY Digital Grid is underpinned by our award-winning collaboration with Microsoft and is centered around designing and implementing transformative cloud solutions that create value. Built upon Microsoft Azure, EY Digital Grid solutions feature Azure IoT Hub, Azure Data Factory, Azure Machine Learning, Cortana Analytics and other tools designed specifically to improve the performance of your digital grid devices.

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