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Financial Services Asia-Pacific
How can Asia-Pacific banks attract Gen Z to be future banking leaders?

To draw to and retain talent with tomorrow’s skills, banking leadership in the region will need to implement a whole-of-bank approach.

20 Nov 2023 Soumee De & Li-May Chew

Generative AI in Financial services
Aerial view of a circular garden maze and green pavilion
How Australian FS leaders are picking up the pace with generative AI

Results of Asia-Pacific pilot of the TNFD LEAP framework and how organizations can get started on the TNFD.

2 Nov 2023 Lukas Bower

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Ernst & Young Solutions LLP is pleased to collaborate with Elevandi to release a co-branded report centered around the theme of resilience and how FinTechs can continue to grow.

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Our latest thinking - Japan

How does the adoption of IFRS 17 relate to the growth strategies of life insurance companies?

LIFENET INSURANCE COMPANY drives its growth strategy focusing on "growth" and "transformation." How will it align the application of IFRS 17, an international financial reporting standard, with sustainable growth?

13 November 2023 | via Japan

The Future of Digital Platforms in Financial Institutions: EY Nexus Supporting the Transformation of the Digital Shift

As financial institutions are compelled to undergo business transformation, there is a demand for the implementation of digital platforms. We have explored the role of EY's digital platform 'EY Nexus,' which enables the evolution of operational models aligned with the times and the architecture that supports them.

23 August 2023 | via Japan

Behavior changes as market volatility increases

According to the results of the Global Wealth Management Research conducted by EY, investors' behavior has changed due to increased market volatility, and demand has shifted to active investment and fintech.

27 July 2023 | via Japan

Our latest thinking - Korea

How curating ecosystems enables self-disruption

Everyone knows that staying afloat in today’s fast-moving, transformative business environment means using technology to enable increased agility. It’s not enough to adapt to what’s happening now; the key is to be prepared to adapt to what comes next – and beyond.

25 July 2023 | via Korea

How the right conversations can empower finance transformation strategies

The world is moving fast. If organizations want to stay ahead of the curve, their operations need to be agile and predictive, and they must pick the right time to engage with both the right talent and the right new technologies to gain a competitive edge.

25 July 2023 | via Korea

Eight ways FinTech adoption remains on the rise

Financial technology or “FinTech” has seen remarkable growth over the past few years. What was once considered a complex way of managing finance is now used by millions of people globally, due to the rise of online banking and mobile-first platforms.

25 July 2023 | via Korea

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NextWave Banking in Asia-Pacific podcast series

EY NextWave Banking in Asia-Pacific Podcast features experts from the world of the Banking and Capital Markets (BCM) sector offering insights and analysis on a wide range of topics that will help banks reinvent themselves to emerge stronger and leaner than ever.


2023: Three themes to get right for investment banks across Asia-Pacific 

Download the report and find out what investment banks can do to overcome market challenges to become more profitable.


What IFRS 17 KPIs should insurers focus on — now, next and beyond

This webcast brings together subject-matter experts and influential voices in the insurance industry across Asia-Pacific to explore the impact of new international accounting standard for insurance contracts on key financial performance indicators.


How to drive purposeful change in uncertain times 

This webcast brings together subject matter experts and influential voices in the insurance industry across Asia-Pacific and EMEIA to explore the complex market dynamics and their impact on insurers’ growth and transformation plans, product and investment portfolios, and financial performance.


Beyond the Hype: A Critical Look at Quantum Computing’s Potential for Business and Society in Asia-Pacific

Quantum-in-cyber risk is currently at the growth stage. With time, the number of vulnerable assets and the severity of the risk will grow. Discover what parameters could help to personalize a risk profile and decide on the investment horizon.


How financial institutions can help solve the biodiversity crisis

How can financial services in Asia-Pacific adopt nature-positive practices in decisions on where to lend, invest, insure? Download the report.



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